Girls beat up Facebook fraudster Mr M in Awka

Luck yesterday ran out of a young man who specializes in cheating and disposing girls of their belongings in Awka.

He not only enjoys sex with them but leaves them stranded after an encounter with him allegedly. reports exclusively that the man whose facebook is ‘Mr M’ claims he is from Nimo while his mother from Awka hence he made Awka his operating place.

Mr ‘M’ , a facebook fraudster as he was undergoing beating

He usually invites girls for a business deal from far places and recently he invited a team of girls , lodged them and convinced them that Awka isn’t safe to enable them drop their bags and phones in the guest room, only for him to return and pilfer the valuables.

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These set of girls tried in vain to recover their valuables from this impostor, but he blocked them on facebook. After a while , the girls desperate to teach him a lesson , opened a fresh facebook account and he invited one of them to same Awka (Hotel’s name withheld by

Mr M on facebook being rough handled

The girl alerted others and they came in groups , caught him and it was drama at Zik’s Avenue Awka now. The drama is still on but let me come and be going …

Details later

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