Okongwu Nnewi Old boys visit 91 year old principal


Old boys of Okongwu Memorial Grammar School Nnewi Anambra state(1984 set) last weekend paid an appreciation visit to their former principal, Sir CC Okoye who just clocked 91.

Odogwublog.com reports exclusively that the moderator of the Okongwu old boys, Hon Francis Okeke said that the former principal played a crucial role in their formation stage that they decided to celebrate him.

Photo of Okongwu Memorial Grammar School old boys Association at CC Okoye’s compound

He noted that most of the students who passed through Sir CC Okoye and his wife who was their Igbo Language teacher, Lady Okoye are all doing very well in their chosen human endeavors noting that the former principal was outstanding for his discipline.

Hon Okeke, a former chairman of Nnewi North local government area in Anambra state said the successes recorded by his classmates in life take its root in the way the 91 year old former principal and his wife treated the students like their biological children.

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“The impact this 91 year old principal had on is monumental because he became our principal from year one in 1979 and was there to mentor us all through to 1984 without being transferred. At that time we thought he was hard on us but realized that he has thoroughly prepared us for life challenges later in our adulthood.” He reasoned.

He pointed out that they decided to celebrate the former principal while he is still alive in line with a philosopher’s view that it is good to read what is written on ones epitaph while alive noting that for the old old boys, Sir CC Okoye symbolizes Okongwu Memorial Grammar School.

The coordinator of the group, Mr Udemezue Kenedy also said that whatever the class members achieved in life, apart from God, the former principal and a renown educationist occupies an eminent position in making them focused and determined to excel.

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He said he was astonished with the level of cooperation and love existing between the members who have not seeing one another for a long time.

Udemezue urged teachers all over the country to borrow a leaf from the Okoyes who are passionately committed to bringing up the children under their care as if they are their biological children.

Sir CC Okoye, the former principal of OMGS Nnewi said he was overwhelmed with the show of love being showered on him,by his former students who are all doing well in their chosen endeavors.

He pointed out that the joy of any teacher is to see that the students who passed through his or her tutelage are all doing great.


The Okongwu old boys prayed for Sir and Lady CC Okoye who in turn blessed the former students who are now big men in the country.

The class 84 of OMGS equally extended their goodwill to the incumbent principal Dr Clifford Chukwuke who said he became the head of the school in 2013.

Dr Chukwuke while thanking the old boys for gesture notified them of the immediate need of their former school.

They later met at Royal Signature Hotels, Ichi in Ekwusigo local government area of the state for a luncheon where the former students recalled with relish their experiences while in school. The occasion was also used to empower the families of their mates who are either dead or facing one life issue or the other.

Pix Sir and Lady CC Okoye flanked by old boys

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