Wekisac Ltd is an indigenous Steel fabrication and production company incorporated in Nigeria. We are involved in the fabrication of all kinds of metal structures and maintenance. We have a team of highly skilled Welders, Mechanical and civil Engineers who put their best in ensuring that the companys’ quality and excellence policy is sustained at all cost.

We are known for Excellence and prompt quality service delivery. Our Quality service delivery policy is strictly adhered to by all staff under any given circumstance. We boast of our team because they are highly trained and skilled at discharging their duties with no errors. The workforce is supported by a highly qualified management team.

We understand the risk factors of metal structures and we are poised towards quality service delivery. We have world class equipments that make our jobs stand out. Our workshop is well equipped with facilities for machining, fabrication, pipe spooling, plant and general maintenance, structural steel and plate

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  1. Thanks to this blog for letting know about the new company. When I have issues with any machinery I will reach out to Wekisac Ltd

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