How I became most influential Cinematographer in Anambra state

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Mr Stanley Onuegbu is presently a fast rising media figure and the most influential Cinematographers in Anambra State.

Mr Stanley Onuegbu pose with one of his numerous awards

He hails from Awba Ofemili, a small but blessed Community in Awka North, Anambra State of Nigeria.

Sharing his childhood experience, he affirmed that he grew up, having special love for digital appliances, Cameras to be precise, which was the propelling force behind him getting one for himself which he used in taking non professional pictures as a child.

Mr Stanley Onuegbu

Onuegbu, a product of a humble background had two things which interested him as a child; the fact that his dad buys him new football as a gift whenever he gets a new haircut and the the fact that he always wanted to be a mechanical engineer as his mum usually told him.

According to him, Even though he wanted to be a mechanical engineer, his instinct kept assuring him that he would someday become a great film maker and this became a new direction in his life and destiny after he came across an article on which he read about a world renown American film maker, Stanley Kubrick.

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Mr Stanley Onuegbu doing what he knows best

Stanley Kubrick became a model in his life and his success ignited passion which led Onuegbu into the film institute of Lagos in the year 2012.

Onuegbu later came back to Anambra State to join a multi media station which is the Anambra Broadcasting Service. He also confirmed that before this time, he had always been behind the camera. By these, his passion greatly increased because it was driven by his love for image.

” For a good Cinematographer or film maker, you must have natural love for pictures, whether motion or still pictures” he said.

Answering the questions on how he became the most influential Anambra Cinematographer, he simply stated “HARDWORK and EXPLORING.” He loves trying new things and he learns from them all.

It is worthy to note that Onuegbu is also a multi Award winner; winning several awards from several organizations which includes the first South East Igbo Concert Award for Promoting Igbo Culture; Which he and his team won after Directing and Shooting the popular Ogamba TV show on ABS TV in 2019.

On the 31st of October, 2020, he received a certificate of commendation signed by his Excellency GOV. Willie Obiano for participating as “Camera Operator in the Popular Anambra Teaching on Air” which was a COVID 19 emergency education initiated by ministry of Basic Education in Collaboration with Anambra Broadcasting Service.

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The Multi Award winner also won the Cinematographer of the year 2021 at Unique Africa Awards on the 21st of March. Got Nominated again and won the most Influential Anambra Cinematographer at African Heritage Achievers Awards on the 26th of June 2021.

Aside these laudable achievements, Mr Stanley Onuegbu was cited in a book, Pathway to Stardom, written by Confidence Eriacy Oba who is a profilic Nigerian writer. A book forwarded by renowned Nigerian film maker, Teco Benson, MFR, Who decisively cited on his rise to fame in the media industry specifically in that his literary work.

It would also interest you to know that the Multi Award winner is still very much Single and maintains that as regards to expecting his wife, Time will Unfold.

Interestingly, the Cinematography guru who was born on the 31st of March has stated that himself, God and his approach towards life in general has singled him out from other Cinematographers.

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His philosophy towards life is ” Life is for fighters”. He said he cited it from his pastor’s words, pastor Ebenezer Eze of int’l Chapel of Elegance. His future ambition is to travel round the world making films and bringing realities to visual space.

Just like other great individuals, Mr Onuegbu got his fair share of challenges in his journey to the top. As he said “Starting anything is not usually easy. I had experience of not receiving support from my uncles, when I shared my ambition of going into film institute and becoming a cinematographer. One said, no body in our lineage ever did that. But I’m glad today that I am the first that did it”.

He however, advised upcoming Cinematographers to work hard, stating that cinematography is not about making money but making a good name.

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