Ndi Anambra, The way to go. By Ifedi Okwenna.


Dr. Ifedi A. Okwenna

This is not the best of time for my dear State. Anambra is at a crossroads. We have witnessed the rise and fall of our state, all within  a space of sixteen years. We can not afford to continue the free fall especially with the ravaging effect of Covid-19 and its attendant economic impact. A reset is urgently needed.

Anambra – the way to go, is a whole package for revival, development and growth, of our State. It has 
*5 core objectives*
*26 Innovative plans*

They are innovative, workable and achievable.  

I am determined to provide the leadership with strong political will to actualize it. 

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I shall be transparent, accountable and will apply due process in all public procurements to ensure that our people get the real value for thier money. 

I shall be prudent and ensure that our government is not wasteful and flamboyant.

I shall discharge my duties diligently and honestly, providing equal opportunites for all with meritocracy as the guiding principle.

Join me as we x-ray these objectives and the innovative plans.


What are your thoughts?

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