Ezu River Killing and the falsehood Agu-Awka is circulating

I remember vividly how shocked Mr. Peter Obi was when he received the news as soon as we arrived at the airport for an important UN meeting.

we received the news via text message of Ezu River tragedy from the then Commissioner for Local Govt., Mrs Azuka Enemuo. She sent the text to Mr. Peter Obi and forwarded to me. I saw it first and brought it to his attention.

Because of the news, we could not attend the event we travelled for as Mr. Peter Obi promptly called the airline and the same day, we returned to Nigeria.

On arrival, he was driven straight to the river and he saw things himself.

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Kindly read the news as captured by Premiumtimes in 2003 and understand his feeling and actions.

Those who try using the condemnable barbarism to get at him will always fail.

You may also wish to read the letter written to him by Amansea community commending the manner he handled the barbarism. It was signed by the Igwe and the PG

I read concocted news from Agu Awka as usual. Like a thief that failed to cover their tracks, they said Obi invited an officer shortly before the Ezu tragedy to the Lodge on Thursday, which was precisely the same day we left Awka for our trip. This officer in question they mentioned as James Nwafor, who has always been on the spotlight for all the wrong reasons, particularly at this very critical moment of #EndSars crusade.

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Did Obi call this officer to meet him at the lodge or inside the airplane, as we were already airborne at the hour they mentioned?

In any case, Obi only talked to the head of different security agencies on security matters.

Again, does it mean that almost seven years of futile attempt to tarnish Obi’s image has not shown these people that they are on an impossible mission. Ka onye di, nwanne ya ma.

What are your thoughts?

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