Aso-rock Drama: Momodu speaks on Osinbajo’s position


Dele Momodu

The Media Mogul, Dele Momodu has joined Nigerians in reacting to reports that President Muhammadu Buhari has approved the sack of some of Vice President Yemi Osinbajo’s aides.

Dele Momodu

Report emerged on Wednesday that over 30 presidential aides attached to the Vice President were disengaged by President Buhari without his (Osinbajo) knowledge.

This was following reports of Buhari undermining the office of Osinbajo after Abba Kyari delivered a bill to the president in London.

Momodu, speaking on the development, said the office of Osinbajo as Vice President is always at the mercy of of the President.

He urged Osinbajo not to be frustrated by the circumstances around him.

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On his Twitter page, Momodu wrote: “The Vice President’s position is always at the mercy of The President.

“VP Osinbajo should remain loyal to his boss. If they chase snakes to him, he should chase peaceful rats to them.

“Even if they put his desk and chair in the rain, he should borrow an umbrella… NO FIGHTING!

“His life is dependent on God and nothing should frustrate him.”

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