Rev Fr Angelo Chidi Unegbu (7.1.2022)

On social media, we have seen enough display of cars, houses, designer wears and so on; what Nigerians call grace in action.

God’s graces and blessings are of course needed in our lives but please do us the favour this year of letting us know exactly how God blessed you by showing us where you work, what you produce or how you make use of your God-given talents and potentials. We want to see the things you produce by yourself because God does not give cash; rather he gives you potentials that will make you create wealth.

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The strenght of a people is not determined by what they consume or buy but by their products; not by graces but how they use the graces in transformimg their society. God did not create us in his own image and likeness so that we may depend on him for material needs but that we should be co- creators and “miracle workers”.

Jesus did not feed people to make us depend on him for food but that we may learn to create a society where no one is hungry. Societies that realize this are referred today as rich while those who still wait to be fed miraculously are called poor.

What are your thoughts?

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