Ugomba Chika Hephzibah Ibeneme speaks on the New Year, see embedding words

My dear brothers and sisters, good morning and a special New Year greetings to you.
My names are:
Lolo, Chief, Mrs, Lady, Ezinne, Adazulu Igbo, Ugogbe, Ugosimba, Ezenwanyi, Mma siolu, Akwaka ma si emetu, Ugegbe Obodo, Oyibo simba, Ugo eji eje mba.
Popularly known as Ugomba mma siolu.

I am Chika Hephzibah Ibeneme (Ugomba)nee Emejulu.
Above names are Chieftaincy titles given me by some of our traditional rulers. May GOD Almighty bless their Kingdoms. Ejeme Kingdom in Delta State recognised me in the most unexpected way and even made me a cabinet member of the Kingdom in 1993. Every other recognition by my Igbo people have the tacit support of my Community, Aguluzigbo Kingdom.

I am a strong bridge builder. The leader of ‘Advocacy group for Good Governance’. I was nominated by our Igbo elders led by, Dara Akunwafor Mbazulike Amechi. My group traversed the length and breadth of the 19 Northern States of Nigeria in search of ELUSIVE oneness in Nigeria. Eze Igbo Minna and others from Sokoto to Abuja are all living witnesses.

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My dear brothers and sisters, you people have raised my moral by echoing my thoughts and actions. We are going further this year to prove critiques wrong on their thinking that Igbo Nation
can not come together. We are naturally endowed by GOD Almighty. What we need most is effective Igbo leadership. My group is resuming work on the 8th of January. Our people will not only hear us but SEE us in action. We are Inventors, manufacturers, entrepreneurs, Creative minds, thinkers, bridge builders. Omuta ogbakalia ndiozo, Ego akonakpa, Igbo ako na wire, yes, that is what we are, name them etc etc.


We are not violent in nature. We abhor blood letting. It is a taboo in Igbo to kill let alone spilling blood. We are not carnivorous and should not be painted as such.
My dear brothers and sisters, we are Nation builders. NDI OSUOFIA & OWA OFIA. The thickest of forests, we turn to over develop the environment. Gird your loins toughest, Igbo Nation is on track. Stop complaining. We are not beggers.

I gave you a little insight into who I am because, we went out to build this Nigeria bridge but, met a big wedge on top of the bridge. We have retraced and made our submissions. Onye ajulu anaghi aju onwe ya. BRACE UP and build Igbo Nation. THINK HOME. POSTERITY BECKONS. ‘YES, WE CAN DO IT’.
You are GOD’s chosen people. Stand up and lead your generation and be counted. HE blessed you abundantly. Beat your chest now and make a difference.

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Remain blessed.
Ugomba, Chika Hephzibah Ibeneme.
Nat. Chairman, Mass Action Joint Alliance (MAJA). Good morning house.

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