Oba Igweship: Anyaora wins Isu Primaries, fellow contestants drum support for him

By Uzo Ugwunze

The Long awaited candidates for the EzeOkpoko II of Oba from the Isu quarter has become possible after a keenly contested election saw Chief Okwuduba Anyaorah (Ijele Oba) emerge winner while Chief Emmanuel Nwanegbo(Ezechukwunyelu) came second.

Fellow contestants for the EzeOkpoko II of Oba from Isu quarters congratulated the winner also pledging to support and ensure that Chief Anyaorah becomes the next traditional ruler of Oba community.

Isu quarter made up of three major villages in Oba, Idemili South, Anambra State had earlier requested to be given till January 31, 2022 to present their two Igweship candidates to the Oba Patriotic Union (OPU).

The election which was adjudged the freest and most peaceful election ever held in the community by Stakeholders and eyewitnesses held at Ngali Kindred hall, Isu village, Oba.

IWA President, Chief Osita Ubadi (left) presenting the winner cum number one candidate to represent Isu quarters in Oba Igweship general election, Chief Okwuduba Anyaorah(Ijele Oba) to the people

Chief Okwuduba Anyaorah won overwhelmingly with 358 votes while the runner up, Chief Emmanuel Nwanegbo polled 199 votes to qualify as the two candidates to be part of the Oba EzeOkpoko II general election.

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Other contestants include, Chief Obi Ufondu (Ochiagha Idemili) who polled 95 votes.Chief Vincent Ananti(Aninepungwu), Chief Uche Mmaduekwe(Ezechukwunyelu) and Chief Alex Orakwue (Ochendo) polled a total of 7, 6 and Nil votes respectively.

EzeOkpoko II aspirant and winner of Isu Primaries: Chief Okwuduba Anyaorah (Ijele Oba) casting his vote.

In his post election speech, Chief Anyaorah thanked his brethren for deciding with their votes that he would be their flag bearer calling on Oba people to herken to Isu people.

“I am elated today. My winning today is for all. I am going to work together with all my fellow contestants because I cannot do it alone.Remember that we are going for the EzeOkpoko general election.

“I am only asking God for wisdom, wisdom, wisdom. God will lead us because good things are coming to Oba. I urge Oba people to listen to us. Isu has made their choice via election,” said Anyaorah.

The Isu welfare Association(IWA) President, Chief Osita Ubadi flanked by IWA Electoral Committee Chairman, Felix Chukwufumnanya, IWA Secretary, Kingsley Chukwuemeka and Returning Officer, Anugo Nwakor thanked both the contestants and electorate for conducting themselves maturely.

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The duo of Chief Obi Ufondu and Chief Uche Mmaduekwe in their respective speeches congratulated Chief Anyaorah describing his victory as a landslide and well deserved victory urging every Isu indigene to support him.

According to Chief Ufondu, I accept the outcome of the election in all sincerity. I had earlier said that I will give maximum support to any person who defeats me in the Primary election.

“As Isu quater proceed for the Oba EzeOkpoko general election. All my supporters will henceforth rally around Ijele Oba to ensure his victory,” said Ufondu.

Mmaduekwe stated:” Today Isu people have spoken with one voice that Chief Okwuduba Anyaorah, Ijele Oba is our choice. I am deeply satisfied with the peaceful election today.

“I call on every son of Isu to rally round Ijele until we deliver him as the next EzeOkpoko. Oba people know the proper thing to do. The younger does not choose when the elder is around.

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“Please, Oba community should know that ‘This is our turn’. Anyaorah has wisdom, a very large heart and the development of Oba community is his heartbeat. Nobody should indict Isu again. Isu has gotten the right candidate,’ said Mmaduekwe.

A Lagos based businessman, Chief Chukwuka Emedebe((Atu Oba) who came back for the election after eulogizing the great qualities and achievements of Chief Anyaorah appreciated God for the patience of people and peaceful election without bloodshed.

“God helped Isu people today. People thought that there will be fighting or killing but they were surprised at the level of maturity exhibited. Oba will experience tremendous progress if Okwuduba Anyaorah ascends the throne,” said Emedebe.

Pics: IWA President, Chief Osita Ubadi (left) presenting the number one candidate/winner from Isu quarters to contest for the EzeOkpoko II of Oba in the general election.

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