Vantage Migration: Meet the Director D’inspire World movement, Nwankwo Daniel

Youths across the globe would be meeting at Rwanda for a youth program. There are three youths from Nigeria headed to Rwanda. They are going in an all expenses paid trip for a youth event holding in Rwanda courtesy of Vantage Migration Supritendend by a true Nigerian , Dr Linda.

Meet one of the lucky chaps and what he told on his way to Rwanda.

My name is Nwankwo Daniel (D’inspire)

I’m passionate about leadership. I believe in connecting, relating and influencing the world around me.
I believe in love, unity, peace and justice.
I believe in the race for humanity and I believe that we all have what it takes to change our world.

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I’m an indigene of Omuma in Rivers state.

I’m the director of D’inspire world movement.

I run a leadership platform “The inspire leadership community”. It is a platform where we help young minds grow to become a better version of themselves through leadership trainings.

I run a humanitarian project ” projectCloth1000″
Where we reach out to destitute kids by providing wears and food items to them, and also educating them against social violence.

I volunteer for different organizations.

  1. Jamie Pajoel international
  2. New Era leadership company.
  3. Fashion for charity and more.

I was privileged to be selected by Jamie Pajoel International’s management team to serve as a delegate in the YouthSpark Pan Africa leadership conference in Rwanda.

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This happened due to the prove of my active service to leadership and humanitarian activities.

This is for sure a wonderful opportunity for me that will help boost my level of exposure and provide me with the privilege to connect with great minds and embrace learning opportunities.

What are your thoughts?