Glamour in Ebenebe as Oliver Okennah walks Ifeoma Molokwu down the aisle

By Felix Oti, Awka

It was a moment of happiness, joy and glamour as Mr Oliver  Okennah, a foreign-based businessman, his heartthrob Miss Ifeoma Molokwu walked down the aisle to exchange their marital vows before brethren.

The ceremony which was held at  St. Thomas Anglican Church Ebenebe Dioceses of Awka,  Awka  North local government area of Anambra state witnessed the presence of dignitaries within and beyond the state such as Mr James  Nnaemeka from Canada among others.

In his sermon to mark the exchange of the marital vows,  Rev Paul Umeokoli, PhD who took his reading from 1st Corinthians Chapter 13 and anchored his sermon on LOVE  said “Love does not keep records of wrongs, “Oliver and Ifeoma hear it clearly that the word of God says “Love does not keep records of wrongs. 

‘In other words you may wrong each other. Note that there is no need of keeping records. There must be an offence but after that delete it. 

“Any day you start  keeping  records this marriage  will not go well. If you know how to delete  offences  this marriage  will be smooth and sweet. 

‘There is no how Ifeoma will behave like a man even though you are one but that female nature is still in her. There is a reason  God made Ifeoma a woman and Oliver a man, but you are one. Don’t keep records. 

‘Secondly, if you spend #10m on your traditional marriage may be to please your wife, without  LOVE that money is nonsense. Love is paramount, Love is important. I am talking about unconditional love, the love we see in the book of Romance chapter 5 verse  8. While we are yet sinners Christ died for us. 

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‘Jesus loves us. This love is the one you crest from your heart of your heart. It’s not a mechanical one. Hold on to this advice, even when both of you offend each other, keep loving. Don’t keep records. 

‘If you do this, you will see this marriage will go well’, he concluded. was shocked when the chairman of the occasion Mr. Malachy Mbonu  said he has nothing to advice the couple, even when approached specifically having not said anything as the Chairman.

In a sperate interview with the celebrants and their parents, they expressed gratitude to God for granting a Clement weather for the event and prayed for it’s the foundation to be in Jesus Christ.

The Bride said: ” I am Ifeoma Molokwu  now Okennah,  I am so happy, you can see it from my heart, I am a married woman, am so glad that I married  the love of my life, the one I will spend the rest of my life  with., He is a loving person, self-determined, he is focused and hard-working and God-fearing is an understatement, he knows God very well. He is deputy  Jesus. He is everything awesome’.

The bridegroom on his said  ” I an Oliver  Okennah, My name is Joy today, I don’t have a word to describe what is obtainable this day. I am celebrating this beautiful,  I called the woman by my side, all the well-wishers, friends and families that gathered here this afternoon, I don’t know how to express my happiness and gratitude, I am happy and I can describe her as sweet.

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‘ She is sweet everybody likes sweets. How I met her is a revelation that was rapped under superstition, you can’t imagine how it happened but the good news today is that I am celebrating her. 

Brides mother Mrs Agatha Molokwu said: ” As you see my face shining, that is how my mind is. I am so happy today. Her name is Ifeoma meaning good thing.  We are enjoying and celebrating today, especially  I as the mother. My prayer is that God who used his hand to join my daughter and Oliver today as husband and wife should uphold them and bless them with the fruits of the womb ( Male and female) including long life, They will train their children and their children will train them as well. I pray that they live a holy life that will lead them to heaven at last.

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The bride’s father Chief Edward Molokwu said: ‘ Let me tell you that as Chukwunemeaku 1 of Umuaba village Ebenebe, I am so happy today because my third daughter is getting married. It’s a thing of joy to me, I pray that God will bless her as He has blessed her sisters who have married efore her with children. God will keep and preserve them in good health to train their children and their children, in turn, to train them too. 

Brides mother  Mrs Susan Okenna said: ‘Are you asking me how I feel today? God has done me well in excess. He lead my son safely from fa ar country where he resides and came back without an issue and again God brought them together through marriage. What will I use to thank  God?  I pray that God will bless  them with fruits of the womb, keep and preserve  them, On that note, I am saying all praises, honour be to His name in Jesus name, Amen!”

Bridegroom father represented by Rev. Innocent  Okennah said: ‘ My heart is full of Joy, It is a miracle weeding. I pray for peace, long life, fruitfulness in their life. 

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