Security Management Plan by Dr. Ifedi Okwenna


The provision of adequate security of lives and property is the greatest gift
any government can give to her citizens and it is also the greatest enablement for growth and development. There can be no development without security and security of lives and property is tenable only when there is good governance.

The concept of security goes beyond military considerations. It embraces economic, political and social dimension of individuals, family, community, local and national life. The security of our state must be constructed in terms of the security of the individual citizen to live in peace with access to basic necessities of life while fully participating in the affairs of his/her society in freedom and enjoying all fundamental human rights.

We shall pursue security of lives and property from the nexus of providing good governance for the State. The good governance concept envisaged includes:
a. Accountability
b. Transparency
c. Responsiveness
d. Equitable and inclusiveness
e. Consensus building
f. Participatory system
g. Due process of the rule of law
h. Effective and Efficient running of the system etc.

With these in place, our processes and institutions will produce results that
meet the needs of our society while making the best use of resources at our disposal. Our Economic development objectives will be to provide employment, create wealth and fight poverty. The provision of means of livelihood for our people will reduce crime. We shall therefore fight crime with jobs for our children, food on the tables and money in the pockets of Ndi Anambra.

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Our Security vision is to sustainably make Anambra State, the safest State in Nigeria. A place one will be proud to be born into, go to school in, grow in, work in, raise children in, retire in and have a happy old age in. We will not compromise the security of lives and property in Anambra State.

Our Security Plan and Strategy will include but not limited to:

1. Strengthening the Administration of Criminal Justice System as enacted by The Administration of Criminal Justice System Act, but which has not been effectively implemented since it came to force in
2. We will form great synergy with the Nigerian
Security Systems – Police, Army, Navy, Airforce, State Security Service, National Security and Civil Defense Corps etc. in the effective security management of Anambra State. We shall plan with and support the activities of these security organizations in the State
and will rely on them for curbing a number of regular and critical security challenges

3. We will reform the Anambra Vigilante Service
(AVS) to make it more effective, responsive and dynamic. We shall look at:
a. The terms of engagements of all members.
b. Conduct thorough background checks of all operatives and collect their comprehensive biodata and ensure biometric capturing.
c. Expand the capacities and strength of AVS
d. Develop a central operational database for easy tracking.
e. Organizations of regular training and retraining of the operatives
f. Strengthening of the code of conduct and discipline etc.
4. We will ensure effective Surveillance and Intelligence Networking in the State by a  team, highly trained for the assignment, using the most effective electronic communication network systems, to be deployed.

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5. An Assets Protection team will be established for the State against vandalism and terrorism especially in malls, markets, bus terminals etc.
6. We will create a Special Rescue team which can be activated during
occasional attacks, kidnapping and unusual security breaches. They are to be fortified with technology-driven equipment including drones, cameras, facial identification technology etc.

7. Development of My Street Application.
We shall develop an application – My Street- for
security reporting in the State. It will allow those who download it to report directly to the Central Security Command all security breaches on his/her street in real time. The Central Command
sieves and therefrom retransmits to nearby operational commands within the crime location in seconds, for immediate action.

8. Fraud Detection and Cybersecurity Offering
We will, in collaboration with a Digital company, deploy technology and cyber security knowledge, intelligence gathering and
surveillance to track and decode fraud gangs including Business Email
Compromise (BEC) frauds etc. in the State Government and all business interests of the government , decode sinister operations, while impressing it on organizations to adopt the end to end cyber security applications.

9. Technical/Virtual Surveillance
We will develop Technical/surveillance capabilities using CCTV Cameras, hidden cameras, deployment of satellite imageries, drones etc in cities, dark alleys, border posts, etc.

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10. Development of State-Wide Crime Data base.
We shall in partnership with Nigerian Police and other agencies develop and manage a state-wide crime database to aid in criminal
tracking, investigation and prosecution, crime detection, venerability
testing and identification of threats.

11.  Development of customized communication facilities for the State.
Our Security System shall partner with the Nigeria Police to develop
and deploy communication gadgets for all security operations in our
state. These gadgets shall be on time, real time and will be used as our
primary security control systems.
It may also include the installation of High Frequency Radios,  Communication Masts, Tracking Devices Etc. and use of UAVs for monitoring our cities and forests.

12. Neighborhood Security Watch
We shall mobilize Anambra State citizens to form Neighborhood
Security Watch in their immediate communities, streets and
neighborhoods. A central Neighborhood Security Watch Coordinating
Team shall be formed to interact with the State Government and the Police. With the development of customized communication facilities for the
State, each neighborhood shall be provided communication facilities
and/or specific dialing codes to use for any emergency. There shall be
a rapid response team formed through the collaboration of the
Police, AVS and other intervention teams, to be developed in the
State Security Network.

(Please note that being security issues, core details of some strategies where intentionally omitted and I  may not take questions on them).

Join us, let’s go to work.
It’s possible.

What are your thoughts?

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