Forum of South-East Academic Doctors stands in solidarity with Ohaneze Ndigbo’s call for Igbos to avoid protests


Press Release

The Forum of South-East Academic Doctors (FOSAD) expresses its full support for Ohaneze Ndigbo’s recent call for restraint amidst the planned protests against the current hardship in Nigeria, as a result of the economic policies of the Nigerian government.

As stakeholders of the South East geopolitical zone and advocates for peace, progress, and social justice, FOSAD aligns itself with Ohaneze Ndigbo’s commitment to dialogue, unity, and the rule of law. While recognizing the importance of addressing grievances and advocating for change, we believe that peaceful and constructive means of engagement are essential in effecting meaningful transformation and advancing the common good.


FOSAD understands the concerns and frustrations that may motivate individuals to participate in protests; however, we firmly believe that unity and collaboration are paramount in overcoming our collective challenges and building a better future for all Nigerians.

In solidarity with Ohaneze Ndigbo, FOSAD calls upon our fellow Igbo brothers and sisters both at home and in the Diaspora to exercise restraint and refrain from participating in any actions that could jeopardize the peace and stability of our nation. Instead, let us channel our energies towards fostering dialogue, promoting understanding, and working together to address the root causes of our grievances through lawful and peaceful means.

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As esteemed members of the academic and professional community, FOSAD remains committed to upholding the principles of integrity, compassion, and social responsibility.

We urge the government to engage in meaningful dialogue with all stakeholders and to address the legitimate concerns of the Nigerian people in a manner that respects human rights and upholds democratic values.

Dr Uzor Ngoladi
Secretary General, FOSAD

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