RE: Bishop Nwokolo & The Rest of us By Rev Chinedu Nnatuanya


RE: Bishop Nwokolo & The Rest of us by One Zacheus Iloegbunam (A Penname)

When the Anambra state government under Chief  Chief Willie Obiano- The Roman Catholic Governor of Anambra came in an unholy hour of  1am and pulled down Ebenezer Ang Church 33, where Oyolu Oze Primary School is also situate, the some religious powers deployed their agents, and the media was agog with different Penname and Pseudo writers to distort the facts. Bishop Owen was called all sorts of names. However, those lies could not stand the test of time because no grave can hold the truth! Today the truth about Oyolu Oze Primary School and Ebenezer Ang Church land is known to everyone who cares to know.

Today again they are back with what they know how best to do, lies! This Penname writer was obviously given two assignments:

1. To decimate the name and person of my lord Bishop, Rt. Rev. Dr. Owen Chiedozie Nwokolo and his wife Dr. Mrs. Elsie Nwokolo (Mama Niger), and present the Diocese on The Niger in bad light.

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2. To confuse and distort historical and documented facts about Bishop Crowther Memorial Primary School and land.

Unfortunately for him, these two assignments are mission impossible! This is because everybody who knows Bishop Owen knows that he is fatherly, friendly, firm, fearless and forthright, and that followership to him within and outside the Diocese, both the clergy and the laity are unprecedented. No amount of name calling or sacrilegious abuse can change this truth.

On the other hand, let me plead with the religious powers using the Roman Catholic Governor -Willie Obiano to stop all these attempts on the distortion of historical and documented facts, aimed at confusing the

innocent public about Bishop Crowther Memorial Primary School and land.

In the publication of Tuesday October 9, 2018, on Daily Sun Newspaper page 14, through one of Roman Catholic Knights, Barr Anazor, the Roman Catholic Church claimed that it was the Head Teacher (a Roman Catholic) who they said worked in the school from 2006 to 2008 that permitted the Anglicans to start using the School. But today through this Penname writer, they are now claiming that the acclaimed permission was given a few months ago by the Deputy Governor. This is what happens when somebody is trying to fight the truth! Who gave the Roman Catholic Church permission to establish a Church inside the premises of Bishop Shanahan Primary School, and all the many others?

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In the same Sun Newspaper publication, they stated that Omunwaegboka Primary School is an “adjoining” school in Bishop Crowther Memorial Primary School premises, but today this mischievios Penname writer claims that the school was originally Omunwaegboka. What a miscalculated onslaught against the facts! He was mischivious enough to fail to mention the name of the said “top Government Officer who requested for the land documents from the Anglican Church”

The true historical and well documented fact remains that St. Simon’s(Bishop Crowther Memorial) Church has been in the premises of Bishop Crowther Memorial Primary School for over twelve years now, while the School was established by the Anglican Church since 1956. Omunwaegboka was “adjoined” to the premises from the now Basilica of Holy Trinity Roman Catholic Church when they started scripting what is now being acted through the Roman Catholic Governor of Anambra state. Some of these distortions were straightened in the rejoinder of Daily Sun Newspaper page 9 of October 18, 2018.

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Note that a government panel with Roman Catholics as Chairman and Secretary has established that this school belongs to the Anglican Church.

The genesis of this unnecessary crisis was the letter dated May 26, 2008 by the Roman Catholic Archbishop of Onisha, Most Rev. Valerian Okeke to the Bishop on the Niger that he does not want a VARIANT DENOMINATION near his Basilica. From that point till now, the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Onitsha has employed all manner of means in her fight to distort the facts and uproot the Anglican Church from her land. This is clearly a mission impossible! Mr. Zachaeus the masquerade of the Roman Catholic governor of Anambra state, beware of God’s anger. Anyone who knows him should better advise him well. There is still time for to repent, because tomorrow may be too late.

(By Rev Chinedu Nnatuanya,  Diocese on The Niger Priest)

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