Re- Bishop Nwokolo and rest of us By Rev JB Okafor


We write not to argue with one so called Rev Iloegbunam because he is not a priest of the Anglican Church nor  Diocese on the Niger. The Anambra state government under Chief Willie Obiano should come out plainly instead of making  use of masquerades and pseudo writers. But whoever allows himself/herself to be used should remember that history will judge them. Anambra state Government under Willie Obiano should not draw our revered Bishop and dear wife into the controversy. Diocese on the Niger is a well organised and coordinated Church full of visionary priests with leadership ingenuity, highly submissive to our episcopal visionary leader. It is time for the Government of Anambra state to bring out their documents of ownership instead of resorting to the use of Executive orders and thugs. What we know is that truth must prevail in this matter.

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Diocese on the Niger, cannot fight a battle aimlessly nor be dragged into something; we know what we are fighting and we cannot lose because God is our help.

This medium is not a forum to give more information on BCM and we cannot be pushed. The Government of Willie Obiano should stop using Government might and machinery to fight God because those who did it in the past never came out of it. He should learn from Pharaoh of Egypt in Exodus story and King Nebuchadnezzar who ate grass like animal for years until he acknowledged the King of Heaven, God Almighty. Chief Willie should learn and stop fighting the Governor of governors. If he allows himself to be used by any religious power, when the pay day comes, no one will help him out.


Probably we have entered the Era of Emperor Nero and the Christian Church.  It is obvious that all the names of persons and places the so called Mr. Ilo the masquerade of Anambra state govt. mentioned are just play upon words and a devilish intention to give false facts. To put the record straight, the Anglican Church is noted for sound academic performance enhanced by sound moral orientation. We do not have miracle centers for external examinations neither do we allow our schools to engage in exam malpractices and so cannot be daunted by cheap, false and fake publications by the already biased authorities on schools who perform well. Some Schools are even sponsored abroad to receive fake trophies that were never openly and truly contested. We know the game and our godly Church cannot be part of this hell. Mr Zaccheus Ilo, Iloegbu, Iloegbunam the masquerade of Anambra State Govt., may God judge you, and your pay master. Is never too late for you to repent now but tomorrow may be too late.

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(Written by Rev JB Okafor, priest Diocese on the Niger)

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