OZIGBO: As the truth begins to sink in – By Jude Obiora


Mr. Valentine Ozigbo

You may not have heard but it is becoming clearer by the day that ex-Transcorp President and Group Chief Executive, the multi-talented business mogul, Mr Valentine Ozigbo, is emerging the consensus choice of the Old Aguata Region.

After carefully scrutinizing the three contestants from the zone, the stakeholders narrowed their choice to Ozigbo.

Of course, this will not go down too well with other camps but it is not the fault of Ozigbo that he is emerging the consensus choice of his people.

If anything, those not happy with the emerging trend should do well by closely studying the style of the man, Valentine Ozigbo.

While others may make noise and try forcing attention, Ozigbo will quietly, humbly and meticulously work underground; doing the needful, meeting people, winning them over with his personal touch, charisma and shared values.

While most of the aspirants can be said to be capable of delivering, Ozigbo holds the aces generally.

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He’s a proven achiever. His achievements were not recorded either as a government appointee or as an elected representative of the people. These two offer one better opportunity to operate and shine, as we say here, because such people are already empowered.

The true test of performance is, however, what and how one does outside the corridors of power in a largely hostile environment.

At an age when many of his peers were still grappling with coping with the nation’s unfriendly turf, Ozigbo was already a big player, conquering, and excelling in the corporate world.

Is there any need boring you once again with the way he transformed Transcorp to a leading global corporation?

Is it still necessary to bore you with his sterling international banking experience?

Don’t we all know about his brainwaves in the sports sector, youth empowerment, and community development?

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I guess all this is already well documented.

But, perhaps, and truly so, the Old Aguata stakeholders see in Ozigbo a man of not only proven accomplishments, but a man they can TRUST.

Indeed, trust, that five-letter word, is increasingly proving to be a scarce commodity in the country’s politics today.

How many times have our politicians broken promises? How many times have they discarded the ladder they climbed to success? How many times have those who supported them suddenly become strangers once they ascend to power?

No doubt, Anambra’s political class are acutely aware of their bitter experiences in the past.

The sing-song today is, therefore, getting someone with the requisite pedigree and character who will carry everyone along positively .

Someone with the ability to motivate, galvanise, and act as a bridge between the various interests without rocking the ship of state.

In Val Ozigbo, the Old Aguata stakeholders, and, indeed, Ndi Anambra, have seen a man who ticks all the boxes. A man who can change the game and also the political and leadership narrative in these parts.

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Ozigbo is a man who makes no pretences in relating with his people. He’s not one who will go incommunicado once he gets their mandate .

He’s not one who will jettison those who worked with and for him and go for the so-called “technocrats”.

Those who have narrowed their choice to Ozigbo know they have seen a good and marketable product; a brand that will redefine the political and leadership narrative in Anambra State.

The Old Aguata Stakeholders cannot be wrong, after all, is it not said that what the elders see sitting down, the young can’t see it standing?

For Valentine Ozigbo, it is morning yet on creation day.

What are your thoughts?