Valentine Ozigbo Will Make Anambra An Investment Destination – ( Part 1)

When I read how investors are relocating to Ogun state in recent years I long to know what the Gateway state is doing differently from other states. The state has made itself enviable in attracting both local and foreign investors.

I like to think that, the reason is because investors are getting mouth-watering incentives from the state. Some persons may have a different pattern of thoughts, that the state’s proximity to Lagos is chiefly why investors cum manufacturers are pilgrimaging into the Southwest state. Others may argue based on availability of land.

But a quick reminder.

Anambra was supposed to house the largest facility of AB InBev group in Nigeria. — The biggest brewer in the world, but lost the opportunity to Ogun state. The popular alcoholic drinks in the South East like Hero and Budwiser are products of the company. Imagine if the company had no entanglement during negotiations with Gov. Willie Obiano’s administration, the investment would have been the company’s largest brewery in Africa outside of South Africa.

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The missed opportunity saw the light of the Nation missed over $250 million investment. Unless, we want to engage in merely a cosmetic exercise, the truth is, the situation is, Anambra encumbered the loss and Ogun state is benefiting.

What a huge loss.

Could it be that we missed the opportunity because kickbacks were not on the table of discussion or selfishly vindictive politics in the South East, and by extension Nigeria?

I think of the rate of unemployment in my state, and I remember a man who has the prerequisite disposition to position the state as a vantage investment destination.

The leading Peoples Democratic Party, Anambra state gubernatorial hopeful, Mr. Valentine Ozigbo has continued to wow Ndị Anambra with his deep-rooted knowledge of the economy. The more he speaks to the people, the more they buy into his project.


The Amesi-born business mogul has in abundance emotional intelligence.— What I think should not lack in our leaders. He has a well tailored economic blueprint ready to be implemented to boost our local economy.

Mr. Ozigbo understands that, the Anambra state economic-development outlook is sadly, but changing rapidly, expenditures are increasing and hazy local revenues not well accounted for. His investment-attraction programs would be centred on best practices, which is needed in a responsible business environment.

While many state governments neglect local investors, the Ex-Transcorp boss has vowed to create a friendly competitive environment for both local and foreign investors, that is, he would make the cost of doing business in the state better than other states.

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The key enablers of successful businesses and investment-attraction such as Infrastructural development, fiscal incentives like rebates, no demand for kickbacks and no overburden taxations are few of what I want to be in print as I implore, we should please keep following this space for more.

To be continued…

Ka Anambra Chawapu.

By Linus Chukwuma

What are your thoughts?

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