Nigeria like China, opreating one Nation, Two Systems

Zamfara Gov. Abubakar Yari

Nigeria  like  China,  is  opreating  one  Nation  , Two Systems as exemplified  in  the  scenario in Zamfara  State, where  the Governor  suspended  a whole  school  for the  flimsy  reason that a  page  of  koran  was found  in the  toilet, an Igbo Group exposes.


Nigeria  is  certainly  operating  one  government, two  systems like  China, an  Igbo group  has  voiced out  strongly. What  is  one nation, two  systems  ,an Igbo group  -Voice from the  East –VEAST querried ? In Igboland  as  in all other  parts of  the  nation, Fulani herdsmen  have  been killing  and  maiming  and  raping  women and  kidnaping  to  no  end, but  the powers  that  be  are  playing the kid  game with  human lives , VEAST  laments, pointing  out  that the  security apparatuses  in Nigeria  seem to  be  incapacitated  in bringing  the Fulanis herdsmen  who are  also  called  bandits  to book  for  fear  of  the  known.

Otherwise  inquired  VEAST, how  can one  explain  the  fact  that  in Nigeria, there  two  systems  of government, one  for  other Nigerians  , the other for  sharia  that protects  islamic  interest.

In  an address  of  journalists  on the issue  of  religious  bigotry in Zamfara State  where  the  Governor  currently  suspended a  whole school  management  and set  up  a  23-man panel  to investigate the purely  religious  affair  of  a  common page of  a book  called koran found  on the  floor of  a  toilet, the  Convener  of  the group , Comrade Kindness  Jonah  , observed  that Nigeria like Peoples Republic of China, is  operating  : one  Nation, Two Systems:  one for  all other non muslims  in Nigeria, the other for muslims, pointing  out  rather sarcastically  that  Nigerians  are deceived  into  the racket    that  the  nation is a democratic system , when it is  in effect , an islamic  state, ruled  by sharia system.

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Zamfara Gov. Abubakar Yari
Zamfara Gov. Abubakar Yari

Comrade  Kindness Jonah  ethused :  ‘‘‘ How  can  one  explain this sordid  act  of  religious  chauvinism  in 21st  Century  where  a Governor  in a professed  democratic  government  has  the  temerity to  suspend  a  whole  school  for  the  flimsy  excuse  that  a  mere page  of  a  book  christened  either  koran or  what  have  you, is found  on  toilet  seat ?

How  dare  this  Governor  if  not  the open secret  fact  that Nigeria  is  an islamic  state  and  the constitution is  purely  islamic  constitution? What  is  koran by the way ?  Is  koran  not  for  muslims  alone?  Why shouild  the fact that mere  a page  of  koran is  found  on the  floor  of  a place be  such a  problem that  can warrant a whole  school  to  be  shot down ? Is  Zamfara  for  the muslims  alone ? Are  there  not christain or  hindu  or  other  religion students  in that same school  closed down ? Can you  imagine Abia State  for  instance, close down a  secondary school  for  the  fact  that  a  page  of Bible  is  found  on the  floor  of  the school is  religious fanaticism  now  part  of  Nigerian  constitution ?

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Where  is  Nigeria really  going  with  such  people  in power  as  Zamfara State Governor ? Why  is  it  that  no  one  of  the  Fulanis  killing , kidnapping , maiming  and  butchering  people  is  arrested  by  the security  personnel ?  Yet  on the  same  ladder, why  are  those loosely arrested  hardly  ever  face  the  law ?  Why  do  the  law enforcement agents  know  that Fulani herdsmen  are  everywhere parading AK -47, yet  they  cannot  arrest  any  one  of  them, but incidentally  other  Nigerians that  registered  their  non  assault guns are  force  to surrender THEM , whereas  Fulani herdsmen  boldly carry  around  without  any  modicum of  molestation  from the security  agents ,  such  a deadly  assault  riffle  as  AK-47  ? Why do  the same  law  enforcement agents  turn rather  to arrest  people who come  to  them reporting  that  their  relatives or  wards  or children were  kidnapped or  killed  by  the  Fulaniherdsmen. Yet  we  say  it  is  one  Nigeria ? It  may be  one  Nigeria , I agree, but  certainly  it  is  a  country  of  one  nation , two system :  one  for  the  muslims, another  for  the  rest  of Nigerians .

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But  never  blame  the  law  enforcement agents  on closer examination  because  they must  act  the  script  written by  the powers  that  be  since  they  are made to  operate  by  the  maxim : obey  the  last  order. What  do  you  make  out  of  a  system  where a Fulani herdsman is  promptly arrested  for  killing  a  farmer,  and taken to a  security  operatives’  station, but  express  order  from above  immediately  mandates  whoever  is  on  the  security counter,  to release  him forthwith ?  ‘’’  VEAST  summarily  points out  to whoever  cares  to listern  that  Nigeria  is  operating one nation, two  systems  of  constitution :    for  islamic sharia, the  other for  the rest  of  Nigerians .

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