Kanu’s Faction Of Ipob A Disgrace To The Igbo Race


Mazi Nnamdi Kanu

The founder, creator, originator, initiator, vision bearer and chairman of the original IPOB under the Supreme Council of Elders of Indigenous People of Biafra1.By way of introduction, I speak on behalf of the original IPOB founded in 2012 underthe Elders of Biafraland whose operational name is IPOB CUSTOMARY GOVERNMENT otherwise known as the Customary Government of IndigenousPeople of Biafra.

ipob members
ipob members

The original IPOB is currently in the Federal High Court Enugu inthe Suit No FHC/EN/CS/103/2019 with the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Attorney-General of the Federation, General Yakubu Gowon and General Olusegun Obasanjo,on various issues for determination by the Court. The original IPOB is an AffiliateMember of Ohanaeze Ndigbo (AMO).

It works with Ohanaeze Ndigbo and submitsto the authority of the Elders. I have made this elaborate introduction to make itclear that the original IPOB is different from Nnamdi Kanu’s faction. Some membersof the Press asked me the following questions and wanted my answers:(a) Is IPOB abandoning Igbo agenda sequel to the attack on Ekweremmadu?(b) Is IPOB still non-violent?2.Before I proceed with this message, I would like to refer to the statements of twoeminent Igbo men regarding the public disgrace and assault inflicted upon SenatorIke Ekweremmadu in Germany by the members of Nnamdi Kanu’s faction of IPOB:Sen.

Enyinnaya Abaribe to Nnamdi Kanu’s faction of IPOB: “Your act isunbecoming of true Igbo patriots. Remember the popular Igbo saying…‘Gbuo dike,Gbuo dike, mgbe ihe ike mere a chowa dike’. Obviously this is not how to repay aman, an outstanding leader of men, an unpretentious Igbo leader who has given hisall even going as far as deploying his means to arrange for the bail of Nnamdi Kanu,not minding the repercussions to his illustrious political career. It is unfortunate. Theperpetrators of the attack should know that as Igbos, we respect elders and reverenceour leaders. The unwarranted attack is not the character of the Igbo. This is un-Igbo.It is most worrisome and even inconceivable that the attackers will choose anauspicious occasion where our people are celebrating and showcasing our richculture to exhibit such unbecoming and condemnable conduct in the name ofagitation”.

Daniel Elombah: “I have always said it, and will say it again: Nnamdi Kanu is leadingRobots. IPOB is a bunch of renegades. But our politicians should be careful. Theyshould represent and serve their constituents. My worry about IPOB and indeed allother Pro Biafran groups is their inability to intelligently articulate and execute apan-Igbo struggle and liberation agenda. They are totally bereft of ideas that canjustify their struggles and give them genuine recognition and acceptance.

Theirstrategies and approach are very uncivil, uncultured, retrogressive, barbaric, naiveand stupid, making it very difficult for any sane and decent minded person toidentify with their struggles and demands”.3.Although I created the name, “INDIGENOUS PEOPLE OF BIAFRA” and copyrighted itunder the Copyright Law in 2012, abbreviated by Dr Dozie Ikedife in 2013 as IPOB,registered IPOB as a legal entity which can sue or be sued, I have decided not tofight against the infringement and theft of my intellectual property right or aboutthe case of passing-off in the law of tort against the various factions of IPOB nowcirculating in the whole world like cultic counterfeits whose adherents have acovenant of death sealed with oath under the Prince of the Power of the Air, theArchspirit of the occult kingdom that rules in the lives of rebellious and disobedientchildren (Ephesians 2:2).


4.The people who copied and stole my intellectual properties have only proved their emptiness and destitution of intellectual power. I have decided to move forwardknowing that I am blessed by God with creative ingenuity to invent and createideas, scientific and mathematical formulae, socio-political formulae, policies andstrategies to solve as many problems of the society as I can, in the little corner ofthe earth where I have found myself. For those who do not know, let them knownow that I created the formula that formed the basis of the Petroleum Industry Bill(PIB) presently before the National Assembly which the enemies of humanity in theParliament at Abuja have fought against because it was originally created for theeconomic empowerment of the people of the South East and South-South Regions.Perhaps, some of you have also heard about the Mekadolf Formulae that I createdin the Estate Surveying and Valuation Profession to solve some problems in thesociety. Creative ability is a gift from God. Everybody has his or her own gifts butshould use the gifts for the benefit of mankind and not to destroy lives.5.When I came into the Biafran Struggle, I informed all those before me that wewould adopt the legal method of self-determination to achieve freedom for Biafra,either freedom within Nigeria like Scotland within Britain or freedom outsideNigeria like Eritrea outside Ethiopia. I rejected the idea of having a government inexile and said that our government must be in Biafraland using the Nigerian law.The Customary Law is part of the Nigerian law just as the Sharia law. At that time,the Biafran activists before me said they were not Nigerians but Biafrans and wouldnot participate in anything that had to do with the Nigerian law. I was surprisedbecause they had their Nigerian Passports and their Nigerian Driving Licenses. Itbecame clear to me that they were ignorant of the Laws of Nationality to know thedifferences between citizenship of a country and indigenous identities of thepersons living in the country. I explained to them that we are Biafrans by indigenous

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identity but Nigerians by citizenship but most of them did not understand me. Iregistered the human rights organization called Bilie Human Rights Initiative underthe Nigerian Law to sue on behalf of INDIGENOUS PEOPLE OF BIAFRA which is anon-legal entity. My greatest mistake for which I still regret today is that I carriedalong those Biafran activists who were before me without taking references andwithout knowing that they had ulterior motives. Nnamdi Kanu was one of them. Heregistered as our member on 30 June 2012. I still have his file with me.6.I have made an absolute statement that the faction of IPOB under Nnamdi Kanu is adisgrace to the Igbo Race. Senator Abaribe described their character as un-Igbowhile Daniel Elombah described them as very uncivil, uncultured, retrogressive,barbaric, naive and stupid. In simple language, their character is an abomination tothe Igbo Race. I have read many unprintable things Nnamdi and his followers havespoken and written against Chief Nnia Nwodo, the President General of the IgboNation, and other Igbo leaders. The most worrisome thing is that his father does notcaution him. I have made myself very clear on Igbo Leadership. I respect constitutedauthorities as commanded by God. Therefore, anybody attacking the IgboLeadership of Ohanaeze Ndigbo headed by Chief Nnia Nwodo in this tenure is myenemy. Just as a boy fights against any child who insults his father, I will fightagainst any person who insults Ohanaeze Nidigbo and its leadership. The extremerepublican nature of the Igbo people in this dispensation has opened us up for ourenemies’ attacks. The children of this generation do not want to be under authority.Rebellion is considered as the sin of witchcraft and an abomination in the sight ofGod. Let every Igbo man or woman know today that if we allow these un-Igbo anti-social behaviours to continue, the Igbo Race is doomed. When I started makingserious critiques of Nnamdi Kanu’s methodology that has led to deception anddestruction of many lives, some of the readers here accused me of being jealous ofhis achievements. I remember that in one of my messages in 2017, I described hisstrategies as foolishness and superlative stupidity. I cannot be jealous of a man whohas no originality of thought and creative intelligence but copies other people’sideas without giving credit to the copyright owners! Theft of intellectual property.7.Well, I do not want to waste my time talking about them but only to make it clearthat the original IPOB is different from Nnamdi Kanu’s faction. When he took ourname and registered it as a limited liability company in London, some peopleadvised that we should change our name since he had hijacked it. However,considering that the name was copyrighted in 2012 under the copyright law andpublished in my book, “Biafra or Nigerian Presidency- What the Ibos Want”, andwas already in the Federal High Court Owerri in the Suit No FHC/OW/CS/102/2012,it became impossible to change the name. The media people did not help mattersas they refused or were reluctant to publish the activities of the original IPOB underthe Elders with the reason that our own IPOB does not generate propagandistsensational news that would create market for their newspapers. In effect, themedia practitioners helped to destroy the nation with “propagandist sensationalnews” in order to sell their newspapers! The love of money by the media people!

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8.Senator Abaribe continued, “The perpetrators of the attack should know that asIgbos, we respect elders and reverence our leaders. The unwarranted attack is notthe character of the Igbo”. The truth which I want the Senator to understand is thatthe fundamental cultural norms and values that sustain the Igbo Nation are beingdestroyed by Nnamdi Kanu and his followers. Many who are not foresighted arehailing and supporting them now saying that they should beat up and disgrace moreIgbo leaders but will turn around tomorrow to complain.

When the SupremeCouncil of Elders of Indigenous People of Biafra excommunicated him in 2014because of his un-Igbo characteristics, insults and abuses against the Elders andLeaders of the Igbo Nation, some of those who are complaining now took sides withhim and labelled us traitors and saboteurs.

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9 .Senator Ike Ekweremmadu and other Igbo leaders and politicians knew when HisRoyal Majesty, the Honourable Justice Eze Ozobu (rtd), Dr Dozie Ikedife, Brig GenJoe Achuzia, Chief Debe Odumegwu Ojukwu, and others, constituted the CustomaryGovernment of Indigenous People of Biafra and headed to the Court with EmekaEmekesiri as their Lead Counsel, to seek for judicial orders for the self-determination of Indigenous People of Biafra. Prof Chukwuma Soludo said it atAbuja in his book review at the launch of Chudi Offodile’s book, “The Politics ofBiafra and the Future of Nigeria”. Had the Senator and other Igbo leaders joined usin the Biafra Struggle by speaking out and moving a motion in the house, even if notaccepted and passed into law by the Parliament, the story of the Biafran Strugglewould have been different.10. The Scottish activists are in the British Parliament advocating for the independenceof Scotland.

The Quebec activists are in the Canadian Parliament advocating for theindependence of Quebec. The Catalan activists are in the Spanish Parliamentadvocating for the independence of Catalonia. Where are the Biafran politicians inthe Nigerian Parliament? Who will speak for the Biafrans in the Parliament? Whereare the Biafran politicians in the Houses of Assembly in Biafraland to pass theregional bills at State level? There are untapped resources in the concurrent andresidual legislative lists despite the defects and frauds in the Nigerian Constitution.We need the Biafran politicians and highly skilled administrators in this Struggle.Everybody is needed in the Struggle- the youths, the elders, men and women, boysand girls, whether educated or illiterate, but everybody must play his or her ownrole. We cannot leave the sensitive aspects of the Biafran Struggle in the hands ofcharlatans. Nature abhors vacuum. If the highly skilled and experienced Biafranpoliticians, administrators and diplomats are not willing to play their roles in thisStruggle, the foolish majority of touts and hooligans shall rule over the land and thenew Biafra shall be worse than Nigeria where, in my opinion, the blind lead thosethat have eyes! God forbid

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