Igbo Group Answers Tanko Yakassai , And Arewa Forum Over Tirade On South East Governors


Cattle Herders

Refers : Vanguard  of Monday, September2, page 5. An Igbo  group, Voice  from the East-VEAST, has  strindently reacted against  what it  called  ‘an uninformed  statement from  the  people  that  are  the problem of Nigeria  in  the  first  place ’, in  its  verdict  passed against the Tanko Yakassai- led  Northern Leaders, a group   that  reacted to  the  banning  of land  movement  of cattle  in the East  by Fulani herdsmen by the Governors of the East.

Cattle Herders
Cattle Herders

The  Eastern governors  had  issued a  communique to  the  effect  that  Fulaniherdsmen  are  forbidden from  embarking on land  movement  of their  cattle  in the  East, a  statement  that  triggered  counter reaction from , especially  islamic  North. VEAST  critically  x-rayed the statement  on  Vanguard  of Monday, September2. 2019  credited to  Tanko Yakassai  and  Junaid Mohammed  that  South East  Governors  have  no right  to  ban  movement of cattle  in the East.

Reacting  further, Comrade  Kindness Jonah , the Convener of the group , noted that the  islamic North  has   taken undue  advantage  of  the other  Nigerians especially  the East, in undoing  the rest of  the Nation  in every aspect of national  development.

Stating  further, Comrade  Jonah noted that the issue  of  mass killing  by Fulaniherdsmen  has  remained  unabated  because of  what  he   called ‘ planned   islamization  by  Buhari-led governemnt’, a scenario  he said ,   has  caged  many a  rightful  thinker  in Nigeria.

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Sressing again, the  group asserts  emphatically  that right  from the  time of  Utmanda Fodio till date, the policy of  any  islamic Northern  leader has not  changed  from  islamic  reactionary tinge of ‘dipping  koran to  the Atlantic, which  was the  conquer  mantra  of  Ahmadu Bello, the   progenitor  of  the  fiendish Nigerian developmental  anti climax.’

The  group  went  further to  argue that the Biafran war  was  islamization quest  that  failed, which  was  ressurrected in Babangida  administration  that  smuggled sharia in  the  Nigeria’s constitution, the subterfuge  it  claims ,    was  criminally and  clandestinely  legalized by Abdulsalam Abubakar whom  it  adduced ,  handed an islamic  -sharia  constitution  to  Nigerians, which  the    the group  qualified as  the untoward blowhole that  is  exuding  the   volcanic  bloodshed   currently  distabilizing Nigeria.

VEAST again  alleged  that what  is  being  oberved  now  in Fulaniherdsmen is an  arrangement  by  the  hug  of  Sokoto caliphate  to  conquer  Nigeria  for  allah , the god  of  islam, and  stated  with all  fury  that Fulaniherdsmen are  the  footsoldiers  of  islamic  expansionism by Buhari  Government, and  added  with all  gusto  that  Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari  is  the  life  patron of  Miyetti allah Cattle  Breeders Association – MACBAN  , the  umbrella   of Fulaniherdmen  in Nigeria .

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While  addressing news men in Enugu  in clear  derision of   the  castigating statement  from Tanko Yakassai  and  other  Northerners  against  the Eastern Governors, Comrade kindness  Jonah, picked  holes with  the touted Forest Guard  by Eastern Governors,    but praised them  greatly for  banning land  movement of  cattle  in the East.

In the  words of  Comrade Jonah ,’‘‘ Forest Guard with  DSS  as  the trainer, is robbing Peter  to pay  Paul and is islamic  muruna  which is a  form of  takiya called deceit  in Arabic  language  that  has to do with  powers  that  be  misleading  people  to  fuster islamic  cause, a religious  razzmatazz  that most  Nigerians  are  alien to  , but  is  the tonic  that  wags  the  tail  of islamic  magic  wand  that  keeps  Nigeria  totating  round  sharia-induced  leadership   since  the war  ended  in 1970.

Nothing  can really  come  from  a Forest Guard  that  reports  to DSS , that  reports  to Buhari , which  is  the irony  of Nigeria’s leadership   lacuna  since 2015. How can a Forest Guard  enter forest  with   dengun or double barrel or  pump action to  confront   Fulaniherdsmen  with AK-47 assalt  riffle ? Is  that  not setting  the  cat   before  the  pigeons ? The  Nigerian security  apparatuses   full know  that Fulaniherdsmen carry AK – 47 , but look  the other way  round  as  they  kill  Nigerians.

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The army  know; police  know;navy  know;airforce know;civil defecnce know;immigration know and  prisons  know. All pretend  while  Fulaniherdsmen  go  on  a killing spree, and  Buhari  says  nothing, absolutely  nothing.

How  then  do  you  send Igbo boys  to  the  forest  with  almost  bare hand  to  confront  somebody with AK-47, who  is  being   sponsored  by  the  same  man  that you report to ? Forest Guard  in the East  is, mutatis mutandis, dead  on arrival .’’’While  praising South East Governors for stopping  movement  of  cattle  in the  Zone, VEAST called for  unannounced  concerted  forest  action  by  Igbo  boys, wholly sponsored  by Igbos , to  chase  out  Fulaniherdsmen from  Igbo  forests , by whatever  means  they  deem fit .

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