Ndi Olu Microfinance Trending: Financially, Anambra Is Broke And Broken


Willie Obiano

Whenever I remember Anambra State and APGA Government in this State, water runneth my eyes. I shed tears not because of anything, but because of the future of the unborn generation. How did we find ourselves in this mess. Financially, the State is gone.

On 8th of March, 2021, there is a memo from the Governor, giving directives to the Accountant General of the State, an ultimatum to deductive from the Salary of workers in the State some percentage depending on your level in order to meet up with CBN directive of recapitalization of Microfinance Banks in Nigeria, as it concerns Ndi Olu Microfinance Bank, Anambra State.

From the Memo, those on salary Grade Level 1-3, N500 will be deducted from the salary. Those on salary Grade Level 4-7, N1200 will be deducted. Those on Salary Grade 8, N2,300 will ne deducted. Those on Salary Grade 9-10, N2850 will be deducted. Those of Salary Grade Level 12-13, N4500 will be deducted. Those on salary Grade Level 14-16, N5000 will be deducted. While those on Salary Gradel Level 17 N5300 will be deducted.

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These are the same workers, Governor Obiano has refused to increase their Minimum wage like other states. He has over the years keep telling them he will increase their salary, if the revenue base of the state improve. But What these Workers got from Governor Obiano as Easter Gift was this deduction directive.

If I may ask, are there no Shareholders of this bank? Who are the Chairman and board of directors of the Governor? Did Governor seek the opinion of the workers, to know if they want to be part of the shareholders of the bank on the first place? Is Governor aware that not all workers bank with this Ndi Olu Microfinance Bank? So why will Governor Obiano and APGA want to deduct their salaries, when most of them have nothing to do with Ndi Olu Microfinance Bank?  What Governor Obiano is doing is to force Workers to part with their hard earn salary for no reason. This is Military regime by APGA not Democracy anymore.

Let us take this case scenario. If Obeledu Microfinance Bank wants to recapitalize as directed by CBN, will they (Igwe of Obeledu and PG) force all the sons and daughters of obeledu to Pay a certain percentage of their earnings for the banks recapitalisation. Where has such happened?

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When CBN did recapitalisation of banks under Prof. Soludo, did UBA, Zenith Bank, Diamomd Bank force any of their customers to pay certain percentage of their savings with the bank for the recapitalisation? Who and who raised the money for the recapitalisation of those banks? I bank with many banks and I am not a shareholder in those banks.

This is man’s inhumanity to Man. From 2013 March Governor Obiano took over as Governor till date, He has received over 5 Trillion Naira for Local Government funds. what were these money used for.

Why Has the Governor Obiano and APGA remained insensitive to the plight and welfare of workers in the State. No minimum wage, No allowances, hardly were most of them promoted. The Only thing they do is to pay a salary that is not even worthy of salary for living and will be claiming “Alert Governor”. The take home pay for these Workers is nothing to write home about.  Take home pay for Anambrw Workers cannot allow a Male  Graduate marry and pay his wife bride Price, rent an well furnished apartment, take his children to school. The worrisome part now is non-payment of gratuities and pensions of retired and dead workers since 2017. APGA and Governor Obiano why?

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If I may I ask, will Workers who paid to recapitalize this Ndi Olu Microfinance Bank be the owners of the bank after this money has been deducted from their salary? if yes, as I expect Governor’s Media rants to come out to defend him,what if the person dies, will his percentage be transferred to his family or children.

From all indications, the manner in which the State Bond was sold, how $250 Million Dollars Anambra State Future Generation funds were squandered and How Paris Fund were squandered, one is forced to conclude that the State is in a big financial mess and it is broken into pieces.

I am Paschal Candle.

What are your thoughts?

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