Mala Buni APC left in 2019 not 32 years to come …

Governor Mala Buni is an interesting fellow, looks like he is always smiling but I am yet to see him perform anything tangible as a Governor.

This is a man who is occupying the APC caretaker chairmanship position illegally, against his own party constitution and morality and at the detriment of the voters of Yobe who elected him Governor.

He said yesterday, the APC vision ”is to provide a wheel that will drive the party to go beyond 6th, 7th and even 8th terms of office” funny man!

The last time he was in the news was when he said he stays in Yobe for 3 days in a month, he said in a BBC interview;   “On the issue of staying, there is no way I can spend a month without spending three or four days in Yobe state. And then even if I return to Yobe, I won’t advertise or make it public that today I will be in Yobe and tomorrow I will be leaving,” 

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This is the man who wants APC to rule Nigeria for 32 years.

For clarity, except for those who are making billions from Government pockets, who normally do not hear the sound of the trumpet, APC left power since 2019. 

What is left is the legacy of Electoral malfeasance by a compromised INEC, expanded banditry, tribal tensions, religious bigotry, inflation, economic debauchery, debts, hunger, oppression and judicial impunity dishing out incoherent, inconceivable and unimaginable disjointed pronouncements.

Months back, a former minister played me host, and he said something that is pinned to my memory, he asked, how many Governors have impact in the  Northern and Southern states? How many have a clear vision of where they are leading their states to? We only counted 5. 

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It is unfortunate that, before we counted those Governors the central government was discounted, in the northeast region where Mai Mala Buni held sway as Governor only 1 Governor made the list. 

None from my part of the North Central region.

The APC in 2015 came with the mandate of Change, by 2019 the change was abandoned and new slogan came, “Next level” the next level of suffering, killings and kidnappings, Next level of increase pump price of fuel, next level of poverty and hunger. Next level of rigging.

At the height of arrogance, PDP with better Policies of human and resources, competent hands and a clear roadmap mouthed 60 years in power but spent 16 years, talk more of a party that has only doubled Nigeria debt, doubled unemployment, doubled banditry, double insecurity, doubled inflation, doubled rigging, doubled absentee Government, doubled forgery.

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Even Aisha Buhari was tired and went on leave abroad not to talk of Nigerians who have nowhere to go.

APC left since 2019, Mai Mala Buni, stop dreaming wake and go back to Damaturu. Leave Abuja for hustlers.

Yahaya Mohd Usman,

From Minna.

What are your thoughts?

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