ANAMBRA 2021: Why The Opposition is Afraid


Prof. Chukwuma Soludo

A highly perceptive Party like APGA has always found communal ways of managing what often implodes other political parties — APGA na eme ife Umunne. First, is their unusual ability to gauge the earnest desires of the people, then they workout modalities for a seamless realization of the people’s will. This is why in all of APGA’s outing since 2003 they have continued to produce candidates that win even before the actual battle.

The Soludo choice will be another masterstroke for the Party. One of the ways of testing the plausibility of this choice is to raise the fundamental question of acceptability — would the other Parties, for instance, count it a huge political plus if a Soludo were to be on their side? The answer is no-brainer. The aptness of Soludo’s candidature is the only piece required by any political Party of note to make sense out of the 2021 November 6 puzzle.

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The opposition knows this for a fact. They say it behind closed doors and only wish, beyond politics, that a Soludo gets a shot at the Anambra plum job. He did not disappoint them between 2003 to 2009, the more reason they rewarded him with the Party’s ticket in 2010, and came again for him in 2017. Sadly, APGA had taken firm roots in the hearts and minds of Ndi Anambra. Besides, winning an incumbent with substantial signs of positive performance is always a herculean task.

The movement towards Soludo in APGA is contingent on capacity. The effort to paint it otherwise is another banal ploy by the opposition to distort reality. As at today, APGA is gearing up for a free and fair Primary that will produce the people’s will — Ifeanacho.

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The opposition is, on the other hand, so much interested in scuttling that process than they are with addressing their internal and peculiar challenges. This is a pointer to just one thing — Soludo is the real deal!.

For a Greater Anambra, think SOLUDO!


— Mazi Ejimofor

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