Internet the Smart way out of recession Onuegbu

A scholar and entrepreneur, Comrade Okechukwu Onuegbu has said that the way out  of recession caused by the widespread of COVID-19 pandemic is the full utilization of the internet and other  online platforms.

Onuegbu said this in a lecture presented on Monday at Umuaba Nri Youth day tagged “Umuaba Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow: Survival strategies in post pandemic era’ in Awka North, Anambra state.

He said that even though COVID-19 has had its toll on the economy of most countries of the world, one of the remedies lies in the adoption of some business strategies to survive it.

Delivering the lecture titled, ‘Economic survival keys amidst COVID-19,’ comrade Onuegbu said that “Online or internet is the smartest way to achieve this result even if there should be another total or partial lockdown.

“Economic survival keys amidst COVID-19 pandemic:
The internet or online is a world of its own. There is nothing we have or enjoy on earth that is lacking on it. It is a place you can share information or data, socialise with people from far and near, market, advertise or buy goods and services, learn or study any course of your choice (without facing ASUU strike), etc. It is what you can enjoy from the comfort of your home.

“All you need is an internet enabled phone, an Android phone or desktop/laptop computers. Others to equally consider are electricity for powering your computer devices; which could be done directly from EEDC, Power-bank, Solar or power generating set.


Reeling out some economic survival strategies online, he said there are over a thousand courses, schools or educational programmes to be run on the internet some of which are scholarship/free programmes. while others charge fees and issue certificates upon completion, one can get employed with the certificates or utilise the knowledge to become self sufficient. According yo him, the National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN) serves the purpose as there is nothing like JAMB, ASUU strike, among others. He said one can enroll into any of them by  typing the accredited or recognised online universities.

He said that graphics is another booming business one can successfully run online including animation, videos, drawing, designing of pictures, posters, billboards, cartooning. He also said people can learn them with computer devices or online by following instructions on the Google Search.

Others he mentioned are:

“Web development: You can design or market websites, blogs, social media platforms, etc. There are so many online tools useful for it.

“Blog/ news website ownership: to own, manage or use blogs, websites, etc.

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“Advertising: Online advertising and marketing is a resourceful venture. As people drive about begging for sales, you too can do that on the internet using phones and other computer devices. The time you spend on WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. could be monetised. All you need do is to create WhatsApp groups, Facebook groups, etc purposely for advertising or keep on posting the advertorials on those groups you belong. Some notable persons who are engaged in such advertising are Nancy Chukwunonye; Ekwulobia based female cobbler, and Awka car wash CEO; Blessing James.

“Networking: Networking businesses such as Longrich, Forever living product, Green world, GNLD, etc. are enterprises offering products or services to people. Some market drugs, supplements, cloths, etc. In the past, people go about begging others to join them in their networking business. But today, you just need to keep posting about them on social media platforms and get patronage. You should knw that most of these supplements help to cure or treat chronic diseases, solve problems associated with poor diets, etc.

,”Music/Movies: Internet has made it possible for people to become Star Actors, Actresses, Musicians, etc. People like Emmanuella, Michael Angel, made it through YouTube. All you need is to create a YouTube account/channel (at no fee charge); shoot a video of your drama and upload. Then, share it to two or more social media platforms to gain fans. With time, YouTube will start paying you. I learnt recently that the likes of Flavour, Phyno and others no longer release their new albums immediately without first launching them on YouTube. So, you don’t need sponsors, marketers or big entertainment industries to become entertainment icons.

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“Rental services: Chairs, tables, canopies, hall renting, etc. are also made possible through the internet.

Forex trading,  Bitcoin, etc.

Estates: House agents, estate management, etc.

Online stores: Alibaba, Konga, Jumia, Jiji, Ebuk, etc.

Trainings: There are several training businesses online.

Laundry services:

Opportunities: You can always visit the following websites to learn and build yourself;, npower,,,
• Farming: Garri, animal husbandry, etc.
• Skills: Roofing, Moulding, Mason, etc.
• Religious services: pastor, dibia (soothsaying), etc.

There is nothing on earth we cannot do online to make money legitimately because the world is driven by technology. We only need to brace up with the knowledge of technologies to adapt to the trend.

Okechukwu Onuegbu; entrepreneur, journalist, media scholar and student—teacher.

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