Innoson Motors Gets Foreign Buys, Fleet Of Vehicles Exportation Begins.

The real question that people keeps on asking for quite some time now is , can Innoson Motors survive for long in the Nigerian market ?

The Defence Minister for Sierra Leone was at the factory a few days ago to place an order for a fleet of vehicles for his country’s military. This is indeed pleasant news for the automobile company because their products are now going International.

It is also good news for the entire country because more exportation will contribute to the development of the economy and create more jobs for Nigerians.

We all noticed 2017 when innoson was still struggling to get the market acceptance in the nigerian market

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( rowlandgate Consult) adviced innoson motors that the secret of reaching their desired goal after a good car production was marketing.

See the link below.

He said innoson motors has to put together the right marketing skills ,which will convey his products to be widely accepted to the public in general, so as for them to see that the IVM MOTOR COMPANY as the No.1 car selling and production in the whole of Africa and even beyond.

We all noticed that shortly after rowlandgate advice and consultation to innoson motors, there was a very big turnaround, innoson motors took the advice of rowlandgate Consult to stop depending too much on the nigerian government and start looking outward to another African countries.

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Innoson Motors is an indigenous automobile company located in the southeast part of the country. It is arguably the first company to successfully manufacture a vehicle in Nigeria with local products.

Innoson Motors has been doing excellently well in the automobile industry in Nigeria by coming up with different models of cars and vehicles.

The local company has created thousands of direct and indirect employment opportunities for Nigerians and contributed largely to the development of the Nigerian economy.

Innoson motors

One of the major obstacles faced by indigenous companies in the Eastern region is lack of adverts and promotion of their Good’s and service, some also preferred imported items to locally made ones. This singular reason has led to the collapse of many industries and small businesses in the Eastern region.

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