Governor Umahi in trouble over Peter, Aisha replies

Government House Abakiliki

Ebonyi  State.




Your Excellency,

Let me begin with a congratulatory message on your
assumption as the PDP flag bearer for the Governorship of Ebonyi State in 2019.
It was an automatic ticket for you, which the Party in its wisdom as the
biggest Political Party in Black Africa, chose to bequeath on all her Governors
across Nigeria that are yet to complete their second tenure.

The Party also on the 6th Oct. 2018, held her general
convention in Port Harcourt-Rivers State, where it chose Ex. VP Alhaji  Atiku 
Abubakar as the flag bearer in next year’s presidential polls.

Now the question on the lips of every Nigerian was
‘Who becomes his running mate?  In fact
most media platforms, especially the social media and other concerned persons
across Nigeria and beyond where busy campaigning and projecting a particular
candidate of their own choice. The immediate past Governor of Anambra State, Mr
Peter Obi was finally settled on as his running mate.

While encomiums and applause continue to trail this
epic achievement, a worrisome and disturbing utterances was emanating from your
office. You went to press to disassociate yourself and government from any kind
of congratulatory messages by your Chief press secretary to Mr Peter Obi, on
behalf of the Government and good people of Ebonyi State.

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Your excellency, this Point of view is never in the
best interest of Ndigbo and Ebonyi in particular. An Igbo adage
says”egbuedike na ogu uno, na ogu ilo emezie  gini?” If an able warrior is murdered in
a  family crisis, what now happens when
same family faces an external crisis?

Your recent insensitive and provocative Statements is
very capable of causing bad blood between both sister states,  and not only that, it has ridiculed the Igbo
nation before the eyes of Nigeria and portrayed us in bad light as divided and

Your reason that Igbo leaders were not consulted
before the choice of Peter Obi as VP was reached ,is not only politically naive
but misleading. Please sir, who and who are the Igbo leaders to be consulted?

Are you saying this to sound relevant? or just lashing
out your frustrations on the political heights of Mr Peter Obi or are you just
being mischievous? Any elder worth his grey hair must pause and think before
speaking, but since you have chosen to ridicule your office and show yourself as
a Sentimentalist of an annoying degree, let me quickly respond to you with
these few posers.

1) Ebonyi people living in Anambra State has benefited
tremendously when Peter Obi was Governor. My humble position as the National
Coordinator, Association of People Living with Sickle Cell Disorder, has
exposed me to the knowing and other political intrigues among the five eastern
states. A good number of Sickle Cell Patients across the five south eastern
state have been economically empowered by Mr Peter Obi.

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2) Where were these your ‘imaginary leaders’ whom are
to be consulted, when Sickle Cell Patients were running to and fro, in a bid
for them to be heard, supported and giving the necessary political backbone to
further their cause and how Sickle Cell Bill can be passed into law?

3) What have you, Gov. Dave Umahi  done to alleviate the Suffering of our sick
members from Ebonyi State whom are your subjects?  How have you spoken up in our defence against
our numerous challenges and exploitations and illegal detention across South
Eastern States?

4) Why is it too hard for you to reconcile with your
own brother the immediate past SSG, Prof. Bernard Odo whom some of us have also
done everything humanly possible including begging the same Peter Obi to
intervene for peace to reign and give you a possible landslide Considering that
he is a formidable politician that has endeared himself to the people of Ebonyi

5) Why is your publicity and media office in disarray?
Why would your Chief Press Secretary make an official press release earlier on
only for you to come out later to debunk or disassociate yourself from it?

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Your Excellency, the Igbo  people has long been traumatized by inept
leaderships for long, not counting that our closest chance to power was in the
second republic when Dr Alex Ekwueme became a vice president, ever since, it
has been one failed attempt after another to streamline our collective
interests as a people into the national consciousness.

So in the best interest of every concerned Igbo, you
are hereby advised to shun utterances capable of turning us into a laughing
stock. Refrain from further vituperations and focus more on uplifting the
living standards of Ebonyi people. Your State can not boast to be among the
first 20 and economically viable states in Nigeria, so the onus is on you to
work assiduously in developing initiatives and projects.

Whatever grudges you might  hold against the candidature of Mr Peter Obi
should be buried now as all manner of men and women across Nigeria and beyond
are now ‘AtikulatingPeter’ for an  economically
sound nation we  should all be proud of,
starting from 2019.

As continue with my unflinching support for your
government for obvious reasons, may I humbly thank you sir for your good
understanding and calm disposition towards this All important Atiku/Peter 2019

Yours sincerely

Aisha Edward


Proudly EDDA