Fraud: Court orders Arrest of Rtd Anglican Priest for fleeing Court premises to Evade Incarceration


..Accused of Double Selling 4 Plots of Land

By Chukwudi Ebele

The Magistrate Court 4 holding at Atani, Ogbaru Magistrate District has issued a Warrant of Arrest for the arrest of an Anglican priest, Rev Ossy Molokwu Rtd who was accused of Double selling four plots of Land but absconed from the court premises to evade being incarcerated after the Magistrate court delivered his judgement and ordered that he should be remanded in the Correctional Center, Onitsha pending when he complies with the order of the court.

The warrant of arrest dated 5th July 2024 was to be made available to the Nigerian Police Force through the Commissioner of Police to arrest the defendant, Rev. Ossy Molokwu Rtd. on sight if he does not submit himself to the Correction Center Onitsha .

The magistrate court also in a landmark Judgement ordered that the defendant, Rev Ossy Molokwu Rtd shall be remanded in prison custody pending when he complies with the order of the court which states:”The accused person is to restore four plots of land and including 1.2 million naira as compensation fine to the nominal complainant, Nduka Johnson Mozie,”the Receipt of Judgement reads.

According to an eye witness, Nnazimuzo A. Ugorji, a private legal practitioner who is the principal in chambers of Nnazimuzor A. Ugorji & Associates and Prosecuting Counsel for the Norminal Plaintiff, Nduka Johnson Mozie, It was drama on July 4, 2024 at the Chief Magistrate Court Atani in Ogbaru Magistrate District Anambra State when a Priest of the Anglican Communion Rev. Molokwu Rtd who was about to be remanded in prison custody until he fulfils the conditions sentenced by the Magistrate fled the Margistrate Court 4 Atani, Ogbaru District premises under the pretence that he wanted to ease himself.

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“A judgment was delivered on July 4, 2024 by His Worship Chinwe O. Aniekwensi following a suit with Change number: MGB/39C/2021 brought by the Police .The receipt of Judgement was brought last Thursday.

“In his judgment, His Worship C. O. Aniekwensi sentenced that, “the defendant be remanded in correction center pending when he complies with the order of the court.The accused person is to restore the four plots of land to the norminal complainamt, to pay compensation of 1.2 million naira for wasting the time of the norminal complainant in court and for items stolen from the land”, said Ugorji.

“The defendant, Rev Ossy Molokwu had in 2006 sold the four plots of land at Ogbakuba in Ogbaru LGA to my client ,Nduka Johnson Mozie but later resold the same piece of land to another person,a former LGA Chairman pretending to be the owner”.

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“We petitioned the IG of police who ordered the AIG zone 13, Ukpo to cause an investigation into the matter. The police resolved by report that Rev. Ossy Molokwu was fraudulent and actually double sold the land in question. He was arrested, granted bail within the bounds of the law and the matter was charged to court in 2021.

“The matter before magistrate court 4 Atani,Ogbaru was given accelerated hearing after I applied and obtained an Executive Fiat from the Attorney General of Anambra State to prosecute the charge when it was obvious that the defense counsel, Barr Ada Uyammadu was frustrating the proceedings so as to avert the evil day,” alleged Ugorji.

“Finally, on the 4th of July 2024 judgement was delivered and the defendant, Rev Ossy Molokwu was found guilty. The Defense counsel pleaded Alocutus and prayed court to tamper justice with mercy, saying that Rev Ossy Molokwu was a first offender. The court after hearing the Alocutus relied on restorative judgement and gave him option of fine to pay the sum of 1.2million naira to the norminal complaint for wasting their time and for some items removed from the site and ordered that he be remanded in prison custody till he refunds the money. That he also refund the second buyer of my client’s land the 2.5 million naira which he admitted that he resold the land. That he restores the four plots of land to the norminal complainant. That these conditions must be fulfilled before he will be released from prison custody,” said Ugorji.

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“Rev Ossy Molokwu who was dressed with his priestly collar as a clergy was made to sit where people to be taken to the correction center/at the left corner of the court. He pretended to go and ease himself but before the attention of anybody could get to him, he jumped into his car and zoomed off,” alleged Ugorji.

“However, on 5th July 2024 the court signed and issued a Warrant of arrest ordering that Rev Ossy Molokwu be arrested anywhere he is found and remanded in the Correction Center, Onitsha,”said Ugorji.

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