Flavour denies getting married secretly


Nigerian High Life singer Chinedu Izuchukwu Okoli, popularly known as Flavour-Nabania, has denied the rumour trending on the Internet that he’s got married secretly.

He made the disclosure, during an Instagram live session with his fans on Sunday, November 8, 2020, where he revealed that he doesn’t want to rush into marriage and still look outside.

“Did I show you any wife? You guys are giving me (high) blood pressure. What is in a woman is not yet clear to me. Some tell me, ‘I thought you are married’. To get married is a beautiful thing. However, I don’t want to get married now and still be looking outside. I belong to the wild world and I cannot be caged” he said.

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The music star, complained about the make-up worn by ladies, as well as other artificial items, saying it had become alarming.

Speaking on his encounter with a fan, Flavour narrated his encounter with one of his fans. This;

“I once took a picture with a lady and she insisted that I should hold her waist. I was scared that she could be someone’s wife or girlfriend. As I tried to touch her, she said I should hold her very well. I tried holding her waist and my hand touched something very strong like stone. I noticed she wore a waist trainer. There was a space between her buttocks and back. When she was walking away, I noticed the waist trainer… if I was dating the lady and we were about getting intimate, I would have been disappointed at the sight of the waist trainer”

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The ‘to be a man’ crooner, disclosed that the events of the past few months, beginning from the pandemic caused by the outrage of coronavirus to the endsars protests across the country has enlightened him and has also helped him to restructure himself.

He said; “This has been a time of sober reflection. I have been vulnerable and I have decided to be true to myself. I have been a victim of circumstance. Most times, they (women) are not what you expect when you meet them in real life. I am focused now. If I visit your (social media) page and see lots of edited pictures, I would move out. The coronavirus and everything else that have happened this year have opened my eyes. The same way youths decided to protest against bad governance was the same way I looked at my life. I am ready now. Do you know what it means for me to be womanless for a whole month? I have been feeding and giving my body the required nutrients, so any woman I come in contact with now must be worth it. I am a very strong man. I cannot be deceived by Instagram.”

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