Omokri to Single Mothers, “If you can afford data, smartphone, you can afford …


I am wise. I am not nice. I am generous. I am not frivolous. Don’t come to my TL saying you are a single mum and you and your kids will die if I don’t give you money. If you can afford data and smartphone, you can afford to feed!

I have sympathy for widows. I have NONE for single mums. If you know how to open your legs outside marriage and have children, then you should know how to hold the man who impregnated you.

I am not contesting for any political office, that is why I have no filter. I built an orphanage with my money. I know first hand what premarital sex can cause. Get out of my profile. I teach you to maintain your virginity until you marry, and you insult me. Now you are begging me for money to cater for your children.

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Open Scripture. You will NEVER see anywhere God said help single mothers. Never. I have read Scripture cover to cover in multiple translations and in the original languages. God hates premarital sex. He says help WIDOWS and ORPHANS, not deliberate single mothers!

What are your thoughts?

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