Drama As Masquerade Slumps During New Yam Festival In Anambra


There was a mild drama at Uruebo village, Nkwelle-Ezunaka, Oyi Local Government Area, Anambra State, last Sunday when an Izaga masquerade slumped while on display during New Yam festival.

According to Orient Report, trouble started for the tall masquerade with long strides when it stormed the compound of a native doctor, Chief Anyakorah Ambrose (aka Ikpemalueziokwu) where scores of other masquerades were entertaining spectators.

According to an eye witness, when it was the turn of the Izaga to perform its usual stunts and strides, it collapsed on the spectators and became motionless. “For close to 20 minutes it was gasping for breath and members of its group later assisted in raising it to its feet before it finally managed to leave the scene,” said the eye witness, Emma Emechiem.

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According to him, the masquerade slumped because it did not fortify itself properly with charms to be able to challenge other masquerades that are fully equipped with such.

“They saw it displaying more than them and had to charm it, bringing it down like a small masquerade. It was disorganized and gripped with fear and just managed to disappear on recovering itself,” he said.

Speaking on the New Yam festival, Chief Anyakaorah, the host who did not want to speak on the incident said that it was a time to thank God for plenty harvest of farm produce.

“Church celebrates it as harvest and bazzar while we have it as harvest and merriment period and that is what we are doing now. Whoever that God blesses through me uses an occasion like this to come and thank God for what He has done for him, like healing him of his sickness, protection from evil, being rich, etc.”

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