COVID-19: Onitsha Sex Workers Vow To Wage War Against House Wives


Commercial sex workers in Onitsha, Anambra state, openly expressed their joy over the gradual easing off of the lockdown caused by Coronavirus pandemic, vowing to wage war against house wives by showing more love to their husband customers, who, within the peak of COVID-19, were indoors with their wives in a bid to revenge.

“We are going to snatch their husbands from them (wives) for denying us money and sex for about three months in the name of COVID-19. Quote me, Mr. Pressman, I am Henrietta Johnson, from Rivers state; but born in Onitsha. I am a divorcee; but do my prostitution business in Onitsha.

“Now, it is our turn to handle their husbands, and, I personally, will be all out for my own customer. Let him eat it to his satisfaction for me to cover up those three months he denied me that sex and money.

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“At a time, we thought the COVID-19 has come to stay, such that our customers would not be back again; but as you can see, the business is back to life. As I am talking to you now, one of my steady customers, a father of five, is waiting for me and I will show him the stuff I am sexually made of; though he knows it.”

Asked why she divorced her husband, she said, “I needed a man that would satisfy me sexually, and the worse is that my husband has weak erection, and he is not responsible for my three kids biologically. So, when it comes to sex, he is nobody. Is it not his fellow man that satisfies me? In fact, I need constant sex more than money. Sex is food to me, and if I don’t have it, I go crazy.”

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Contributing, Roseline Ohaji, her colleague, said, “You can see the excitement in my face; my boyfriend that is married to two wives is back. I really missed him. He told me it was not his fault; but the COVID-19, and I believed him; because, I satisfy him more than his two wives, and he confessed it to me.”

It is my turn to handle him now; so, his wives should forget him for the three months they denied me my own love.”

Also, another identified as Chinyerem, quickly chipped in, “What is special about wives when they cannot satisfy their husbands on the bed? I tell you, any man I fuck, will start to hate his wife because, sex is not just inserting the pennis and bringing it out; there are things you do first to the man and he will be begging you for more.”

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