Britain with an Un-Deniable huge account of an un-forgettable and Un-pardonable sins committed here and there against nations and continents around the whole world.


Historically, starting from early Eighteenth/Nineteenth centuries up-to-date, Britain had been having a lot of obnoxious and obscurities in its name globally. Apart from all of the fallen empires since ever the world was created from the Babylonian empire down to the former British empire, the current Britain stands a very good and brilliant chances among other to completely enhance, correct and make a huge difference concerning all the abnormalities, failures and shortcoming of all the past empires, but Britain has failed woefully.


Britain as an evil of the century had committed un-doubtedly an un-forgettable and un-pardonable sins of the century, before the invention of machines and tool during the colonial Era, by over using the black slaves on force labour, opening and perforating the two lips of human beings and lock-it-up with padlocks/keys before meals and drinking water during hard labour Era the same Britain in this twenty first century remains completely un-repentant up-to-date. Un –mistakenly, knowingly or un-knowingly, Britain has whole-heartedly invited the must surely in-escable and inevitable wrath of God of heaven to herself and her Descendants indeed.


Due to over-greediness and completely lack of contentment, Britain failed woefully to count her  blessings, Blessing number one, being-in –position of almost the whole world speaking English language, of which can never mean a little achievement at-all, just as information is power, language is also too powerful indeed for smooth and easier communications worldwide, still ungrateful. Blessing number two Britain, been in-charge and Chief Architect of the whole commonwealth countries then, thereby en-massing the wealth of those countries, their resources and boosted her economy at-large, but still being ungrateful and ill-contented. Britain, that managed to fabricate the democratic governance in the world, but deliberately killed democracy in Africa, Britain, being completely ingratitude and un-grateful to God Almighty in particular and Africa in general. Britain had completely forgotten how Africans helped her fought her way out of the Nazi-German genocide of the second world war, while now paying Africans and blacks world-wide with evil machinations.

It is really very un-fortunate that Britain due to gross-level of her selfishness does not have respect for God of Heaven, human-rights and human lives. That is why she cares for only the resources in Africa but have an un-repentant and un-controllable natural strong hatred against the owners of the land Britain does not know neither to believe His words. Britain not recognized that the Era of colonialism has gone and gone forever, but that there is time for everything under-heaven, that everything still practicing an underground re-colonialism in Nigeria against Biafra. That has a begging must have an end, just see it live in the Bible, from the book of Ecclesiastes 3:1, also Eccl chapter 5 verse 8, for Britain must be ready to see and receive the un-bearables, what is coming against Britain must shock the whole world. Britain, the evil of the civilized world, worst than Pharaoh and the Egyptians. It is of course quite unfortunate and disheartening that Britain after One-hundred and rugged five years now, of the so called Amalgamation-treaty cooked-up by Lord  Luggard and Co, she insists on One-Nigeria, regardless of the countless killings going-on since 1940s up-to-date. Britain, due to her gross selfish interest in the Godly gifted land of Biafra, to recognize and accept  the plainly truth of the un-doubtedly expired of Nigeria project since 2014. On a sound note am hereby jotting it down for the world to know that sincerely speaking, Britain had since declared an undeclared war against Biafrans, in all sectors through Nigerian Army and sabre-rattling law-enforcement agents,  Fulani’s and our saboteurs brothers within, but what the Lord did to Pharaoh and his armies may never be compared to what He the Lord has even started doing against Britain and her cohorts, see Exodus9:35, Exodus 10:1-3.

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Is  it possible at all, for the Burkinham palace to be owned by Kenya? How should it sound that mountain Kilimanjaro in Africa, that France should be incharge of it; is it possible, at all? Could it be possible at all in the civilized world that the Pyramid in Egypt may be owned by Australia? We all knows quite alright that there is oil in Alaska in America is it possible can peoples great-wall in China be owned by Spain? For China to claim direct ownership of it at all? Just to mention but a few, then, how does it sound now to the ears of any sane human being on earth today, that ever since the discovery of crude-oil in Biafra land that you Britain and Fulani cabals in Nigeria has being in-charge of the crude oil up-to-date, whereas the gold discovered in Zamfara is untouchable? Just how and why? The whole world desires an immediate answers from Britain concerning these questions now before it is too late. Is this not too primitive and stone-era ideology or, are we people down here in another planet? Am still wondering just how Britain of the Commonwealth Nations should deliberately allow herself be in the same foothing  with the Late Pharaoh of Egypt. Britain, Britain, Britain, just wait for the God’s inevitable worth while talking out of wealthy experience, any individual that dares to learn from history, un-doubtedly  is a wise man or wise woman indeed. So also, my very dearly and humble advise goes to, the Nigeria Army Chief of Staff General Tukur Brutai, to dearly consider carefully these very delicate, serious and dangerous issue, by knowingly or unknowingly inviting the war that you can never win, deliberately pressurized by Britain. Quote me for sure, whenever war breaks out here, Britain, with her known cunny, crookish and trickish ideaology, may never want to participate directly in the war she fabricated, but may choose to supply arms and air bombardment, for Britain should never forget what they saw and ran away from war-front during the former Nigeria/Biafra war, for Britain knows that Biafrans are destined warriors and fighters and weapons builders and manufacturers. But, please carefully consider the after-mat fate of these people, such as the Late Emperor Bokasa of Central African Republic, Late Idi-Amin of Uganda, Ayootola Khomeni of Iran, Saddam Hussen of Irak captured right inside his heavily concretised Bunker with his gun at hand without shooting, by the allied forces, late Mobutu Seseseko of Zaire, Charles Taylor of Liberia still with ICC for years now, for heartless killings,  centre New York, but later captured in Pakistan by the American Air-Force while dodging for his life with his families, just to mention but a few. My humble suggestions to you is to resign now and stop these killings, for what is coming is so horrifying and too un-bearable. The God Almighty and the whole world is our witness, not one sane-person prays for war honestly speaking. To be precise indeed, but should in case any nation of group of people dare to bring war onto Biafra land at all, Biafrans must fight to America, America responded at both Hirdsshima and Nagasaki, and world-war two got ended. Mean while, never you allow Britain to push you on to regrettable war with Biafra. “Wish you Good luck”. Recently, I heard someone from North said Igbos and Biafrans were created and gifted to rule the whole world or to be among those that rule the world, but for decades been suppressed by the British and her demonic infested cohorts Home and Abroad.

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Britain, being one of the signatories among the nations that propagates the human rights and freedom of speech treaty of the United Nations is now spearheading the long time evils that Biafrans can never be incharge of their God given mineral resources in their Home Land, an abomination of high order Britain, as the Chief sole-administrator of all evils in Africa. Regardless  of even seen the handwriting on the wall, Britain has being so adamantly and bluntly refused to heed the so transparent and clear warning from heaven, on the fast approach catastrophic disaster against her.


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Britain due to being too ungodly and extremely wickedness to blacks and Africa, she, Britain, will soon collapse completely, and never to rise up again. Britain must tell the world, the sins of Igbos and Biafrans and commuted against her fore-fathers that brought this decades of systematic killings and planned wipe-out of a Godly race on earth, for with God, the Britain’s sins is completely un-forgivable and un-pardonable, indeed.


The answer simply goes this way no.1, they hated us for our  multiple God given mineral resources, no. 2 they knows  too well we are intellectuals, very special and productive race. Rather, Britain love Fulanese that helps them to implement her deadly selfishness.

Igbos are the problem of Nigeria, Britain also said that she disowned Igbos and Biafra, and heaven and earth had heard it, but the best idea is to simply allow them carry their troubles and problems go their way peacefully. Just as the so called Amalgamation Treaty of 1914 Expired on 2014 simply.
Yes  of course, recently, due to over greedy, selfishness, long time hatred and systematic planned annihilation, the British High  Commissioner, while on her official tour to supervise the killings of Biafrans in the Biafra  land, while pretends she came for peace, but, surely and hopefully, Britain  must regret pushing Nigeria into the war that they must both fail and regret, woefully.

Sir George C.N Washington writes from Umueri town, Omambala, Biafra Land.

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