MASSOB Vows to Stop Proposed Toll Gates in Biafra land If…


MASSOB Members

The leadership of the Movement for the Actualization of the Sovereign State of Biafra (MASSOB) have vowed to resist and dismantle all proposed President Buhari led Fulani Federal government of Nigeria toll gates in Biafra land if the establishment will disfavor our people.

MASSOB Members
MASSOB Members

We can never fold our hands and watch outside strangers to continue destroying Igbo land in disguise as a government of Nigeria. Though Biafra seems to be an occupied territory by the Nigeria state, MASSOB and other pro Biafra groups will never allow Fulani invaders from Chad, Niger, Senegal, Sudan and Ethiopia to occupy Biafra land forcefully.

This wickedness of President Mohammed Buhari against Biafrans and Christians in general must be resisted. That President Mohammed Buhari clinch the office of the president of Nigeria through dubious electoral manipulated means does not make him an Alpha and Omega. He can never be omnipotent in Nigeria state. Igbo land and the entire Biafra land can never continue to be an experimental ground for exhibition of wickedness, malice, hatred, genocides, police extra judicial killings, military terrorism, political subjections and unprovoked massacre of innocent and armless citizens.

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MASSOB condemned and insists that there will be no toll gates in Biafra land as wickedly proposed by the Nigeria government if it will disfavor our people. MASSOB wonders how establishment of these toll gates in Nigeria will ever work.

6 states of South South with 21 toll gates, 6 states of south west with 22 toll gates and 5 states of the South east with 56 toll gates totaled 99 toll gates from the 17 Southern States of Nigeria while 7 states of north west with 12 toll gates, 6 states of north east with 9 toll gates and 6 states of north central with 14 toll gates totaled 35 toll gates from 19 states of northern Nigeria

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MASSOB observed that South east with only 5 states have more toll gates (56) than the entire 19 states of the Northern region with only 35 toll gates. Igbo states are higher with 21 toll gates. This is in conformity that Igbo land is under siege and properly under exploitation.

South east has more police checkpoints than any other region in Nigeria. South east has the greatest number of dilapidated federal road networks than any other region in Nigeria even the northern region of Nigeria that claim to have the highest population and yet, they will pay the lowest of the federal government toll gate fees.

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South East has the smallest land mass and the shortest distances from one point to the other within the zone when compared with other zones. Igbo land also has the worst road network in the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

MASSOB wondered what was the basis of erecting more toll gates in the South East than other zones. Toll gates should be done proportionately to reflect the millages of Federal Roads in the Zones. 

>>> Comrade Uchenna Madu (Leader of MASSOB)

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