Understanding My Support For The Faceless Group Which Called Itself The Biafra People’s Army (BPA) For The Sanitization Of The Biafra Struggle


I have been informed that some people misunderstood my message in which I welcomed the emergence of the faceless group which described itself as the Biafra People’s Army (BPA). In fact, some people understood it that I was supporting Nnamdi Kanu and his group for armed struggle. A military officer who was worried about my message said “it was as if I was in support of Nnamdi Kanu and those criminal boys breaking the law”. This means that my message was misunderstood by some people. Now, I want everybody to understand my message and what I and my group stand for.

I am the leader of the Biafran activists who believe in the use of legal methodology to achieve self-determination. I am a Barrister & Solicitor of the Supreme Court of Nigeria and the Lead Counsel in the on-going case between Biafra and Nigeria in the Federal High Court and the Court of Appeal. Legal methodology consists of the judicial, political and diplomatic processes. We believe in the law and politics of Nigeria. We participate in the law and politics of Nigeria. Even though the Nigerian Constitution has been condemned by some people as being fraudulent and defective because it was not made by the people of Nigeria but by the military, it is my opinion in accordance with the principles of law that every law remains valid until set aside, repealed or abrogated.

Therefore, the current Nigerian Constitution remains valid until repealed or replaced by a new Constitution. We are Nigerians by citizenship but Biafrans by indigenous identity and therefore we must obey the Nigerian law. I want to emphasise that we are Biafrans by indigenous identity but Nigerians by citizenship just like the people of Scotland are British by citizenship but Scots by indigenous identity. This is the law of nationality, citizenship and indigenous identity of persons living in a sovereign country. Every human being has a root from where he sprang out. We run a customary government within the Nigerian Legal System known as the Customary Government of Indigenous People of Biafra established by a Deed Poll of Customary Governance registered under the Nigerian law. The Nigerian Constitution provides for and recognises both the Customary Law and Sharia Law.


We cannot break the law of the country in which we are citizens. If we are not happy with any of the provisions of the Nigerian law, we make our presentations to the National Assembly to amend the law or enact a new law. This is exactly what we have done by presenting the Biafran Memorandum to the National Assembly for Devolution of Power to the 6 Regions so that they will govern themselves and develop at their own pace within One Nigeria just like the 4 nations in the United Kingdom govern themselves as autonomous regions in the One Great Britain. Everybody can verify this with the Senate Committee on the Amendment of the Nigerian Constitution. This is the Restructuring that we and other activists in the North and South are preaching. We are not preaching to destroy Nigeria but to restructure Nigeria into 6 autonomous regions in line with the existing 6 geopolitical regions. If the United Kingdom could have 4 nations that made up the Great Britain, it is our opinion that Nigeria can also have 6 nations to make up a Great Nigeria.

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In the pursuit of self-determination by the Biafrans, some overzealous and unenlightened people such as Nnamdi Kanu took the laws into their hands, threatened to kill those of us who believe in the Nigerian law and politics, called us saboteurs and agents of the Nigerian Government for participating in the Nigerian politics, caused breach of the peace, challenged the Nigerian sovereignty, threatened to destroy Nigeria, and in fact, threatened to go to Abuja and behead President Buhari. Our Elders saw this rebellious attitude from the outset and ostracised him from the body known as Indigenous People of Biafra on 12 May 2014 and published a disclaimer. He took our name and registered it in the UK as a limited liability company called Indigenous People of Biafra Limited with which he has deceived the whole world. The Nigerian Government, the British Government and other Governments in the international community who we interact with know the truth that Nnamdi Kanu was ostracised by the Supreme Council of Elders of Indigenous People of Biafra in 2014. Let the truth be told. The media should tell the truth and stop promoting evil.

Nnamdi Kanu and his group have caused much harm to the legitimate Biafran Struggle for self-determination. The faceless group which called itself the Biafra People’s Army emerged from nowhere and gave a warning to him and those who have turned the Biafra Struggle into business enterprise for their personal aggrandisement. They also warned the terrorists operating as “Fulani herdsmen” that they would not allow such acts of terrorism again in the South East and South-South regions. I listened to their statement carefully and did not hear them challenging the Nigerian Sovereignty or the Nigerian Authority. They did not insult or abuse the Nigerian Authority. They did not threaten to destroy or break up Nigeria. They did not support or preach armed struggle for independence. They were rather warning Nnamdi Kanu and his group against the abuses in the Biafran Struggle. He got their message and responded in a video screaming and shouting curses and abuses upon the faceless army and accusing them of being sponsored by the Nigerian DSS. In my opinion, this is the best thing that has happened to the Biafran Struggle. A faceless group has emerged to bring sanity, discipline and orderliness in the Biafran Struggle by creating the necessary holy fear that will cause the people to behave well. Their emergence has struck fear into the hearts of criminal elements in the Biafran Struggle. In fact, I recommend that they should work with the Authorities to checkmate criminality in the land. If their name is the problem, they can remove the word “army” from their name and answer a name that shows their security mission.

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Emeka Emekesiri, Esq.
For: Customary Government of Indigenous People of Biafra

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