Obi Decries Failed Card readers, says Nigeria must get it right


Obi casting his vote in Aguku

The Vice Presidential candidate of the PDP in the just concluded presidential election, Mr. Peter Obi has decried what he called “persistent lack of preparedness” on the part of INEC.

Obi said shortly after he could not, at 9 am, vote at his Umumasiaku polling unit, Amatutu, Agulu.

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Speaking on the development, Obi who eventually voted at 10:36am after the card reader was put in order, said it was the same during the presidential election, when card readers did not work in many places, which INEC acknowledged and promised to correct.

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“It is a shame that the same problem repeated itself on grander scale  today, with news of faulty card readers all over the state. This has raised the issue of whether the problems are genuine or contrived for other purposes”, Obi said. Obi said that banks used  different types of cards including ATM cards with micro chip processors and they work very well. He wondered  Why INEC cards  should not work due to persistent card readers problems.

Obi and Ugwuanyi

On who eventually wins, Obi said his position was clear: “I am not so much interested in who wins the state Assembly election as it is family business . My position is that the best candidates  should win in order to bring democratic dividend to the people of the State.”

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Sounding a bit worried, Obi said it was a shame that  in this age and time, when other nations were talking about electronic voting and reducing electoral malpractices to the minimum, that in Nigeria, as witnessed in the on-going voting , the story of rigging and sundry electoral malpractices are the order of the day. He said that if Nigeria did not get it right that it would remain a problem for the country now and in future.

Caption for pic

PDP Presidential candidate, Mr. Peter Obi casting his vote at his Umumasiaku Polling Unit, Amatutu village, Agulu,  yesterday after persistent card reader failure.

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