Why youths should take over political power in Nigeria -Dr Alex Obiogbolu

By Francis Okoye.

A prominent Igbo politician,former PDP Governotorial aspirant and PDP kingmaker in Anambra State, Dr Alex Obiogbolu has called on the Nigerian youths to take over political power in Nigeria.He was speaking at the celebration of the international youth day held recently at Bishop shanahan hall basilica of the holy trinity Onitsha.

He said that as a youth he entered into political space to take over political power and be the one who will decide where hospitals would be sited.A man who is 60 years old will not understand problems and needs of 39 years old.

“As you celebrate year of youths- most of you do not belong to poverty class .If you meet poverty ,you will run.Over 80 % of Nigerians are living in poverty.They are angry.If you feel you are not political ,and you are not doing anything.You need to push out the old people.Gen Gowon was 29 years when he became head of state of Nigeria. Gen OJUKWU led Biafra at 35 years old.Barack Obama was 49 years when he became president of America.The head of Australia now is 29 years old while that of France is 39 years old.You need to push people like me out of political leadership.”

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Dr Obiogbolu reveals “39 years ago I said I want to make a change- you can continue where I stopped.Is it not the youths who are here ,who collect N2000 at polling unit and are involved in thuggery.As long as you don’t put young people into power- we shall continue to have problems.Many went to school without money. I went to kings college and medical school free , from taxes paid by villagers”.

“If you choose to stay in your comfort zones ,that is not good.I am not telling you to go and carry arms.If you go back to your place, try to make change.Even if you inspire only 10 people, don’t be bothered about your number but your efforts.”He advised.

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“Nigeria is in Príncipe, trouble when it explodes, It would be terrible . The youths should rise up to the challenges”.

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