What I experienced in hands of Kidnappers – freed Lagos fire service chief



Freed Acting Director of Lagos State Fire Service Rasaki Musibau
told a jubilant crowd on Wednesday at the headquarters of the fire service, Alausa, Ikeja what he passed through in the hands of kidnappers.


Musibau said he could not recognise the two suspects arrested by the police because he was blindfolded by his abductors.

The Lagos State Police Command had earlier said it has arrested two suspects in connection with the abduction.

Police spokesman Bala Elkana, a Deputy Superintendent (DSP), released the picture of the suspects.

When asked if he could recognise the suspects, the fire service chief said he could not.

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“I was blindfolded by my abductors. There is no way I could recognise them,” he said.

According to him, the kidnappers whisked him away around 6pm as against 8pm reported by the media while going to Epe.

“I ran into them (the kidnappers). They were operating freely on that road (Epe-Itoikin). Some people were lucky not to have been abducted. They just robbed them and allow them to go.

“In fact, some vehicles before me were robbed at gunpoint. When I ran into them, they smashed the windscreen of my vehicle. At that point I was kidnapped; I met two other persons that have been abducted. Not quite long, they whisked us away,” he said.

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Musibau, who arrived office around 8:30am, was welcomed by jubilant workers.

They offered prayers to God for returning him alive. Praise songs and dances followed.

He thanked them for standing by him and his family during the turbulent period.

According to him, the abductors dropped him somewhere in Ikorodu before he called workers at the Ikorodu Fire Service Station.

The Nation learnt that it was at that station he was taken home.

According to Musibau, four persons were freed by the abductors, remaining three in their captivity.

It was learnt that the family members of those still in captivity are yet to pay their ransom.

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Musibau toured all the offices to greet people and express gratitude.

Afterwards, he went to his office before leaving for the secretariat in Alausa.

Police spokesman said Musibau and others kidnapped were freed around 11:45pm inside the forest where the kidnappers kept them by a joint security force.

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