Uvwie citizens appeal to IGP to declare former council boss ,Henry Baro wanted, prosecute him and others over murder


One of the victims Mr Blessing Oguori

Chidinma Cynthia Igbokwe reports that citizens of Ekpan Community in Uvwie Local Government Area have raised an alarm of an imminent invasion of their community allegedly by one Henry Baro and his arms group.

The community therefore petitioned the Inspector General of Police, Ibrahim Kpotun Idris order for the re-arrest of Henry Baro and his arms group as they constitute threat to their community.

The petition signed on behalf of Ekpan community by Comrade Moses Arrieruje and Mr Innocent Akemu wondered why the Delta State Commissioner for Police release Henry Baro earlier declared wanted for allegations of murder of John Mugidi, attempted murder of Innocent Akemu, Delta Mall arms invasion and looting , murder of Afor Emeru, and abduction of Chief Daniel Ighedo as well as the recent murder of Blessing Aguori aka Pastor at Osubi.

The petition to IGP noted that there is urgent need to arrest Baro to forestall arms invasion of Uvwie community and end further threat to lives and property of inhabitants by Baro and his arms men.

The petition noted that the good people of Ekpan Community have been living in peace and tranquillity since Henry Baro and his arms group were on the run but that they are now living in trepidation.

The petition read in parts:  ‘’Finally, we urge you Sir to intervene and nip the looming invasion and threat to lives and properties by Henry Baro and his cohorts timeously by closely monitoring their activities. Our clients urged with all seriousness that Henry Baro and his cohorts declared wanted be arrested and prosecuted for their various crimes.

‘’We have written to the Commissioner of Police, Delta State, the Executive Governor of Delta State, the Brigade Commander of the Nigerian Army, Benin City, The DSS, Asaba and the Chairman Uvwie Local Government Council, Delta State of the imminent threat now posed by the presence of Henry Baro and his cohorts. As law abiding citizens, we have carried out our civic duties, it is now left for the police to safe guard us from this threat by enforcing the law, re arresting Henry Baro and his cohorts and possibly prosecute him for his heinous crimes.

The petition further reads: ‘’We have decided to make this publication considering the inconsistent and compromising position of the Police regarding the criminal activities of Mr. Henry Baro who was  wanted by the police for various capital offences and upon his arrest by some of the victims of his crimes and handing over to the police at Delta State Police Command, Asaba, was released by the Commissioner of Police in less than 3 hours of his arrest.

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‘’Sometime in late 2015, Mr. Henry Baro was suspended by the Delta State House of Assembly  as the Chairman of Uvwie Local Government Council following series of petitions in connection with abuse of office and gross violation of people’s rights amongst others.

‘’Whilst, Henry Baro was on suspension, he conspired with Chief Newton Agbofodoh and their armed cohorts to gruesomely murder John Mogidi after giving him notice that he has only 5 days more to live. 3 days after the notice the said John Mugidi who was on motorcycle in the company of Innocent Akemu were waylaid by Godwin Akpojotor junction along NPA Express Road, Ekpan where John Mogidi was commanded to go into Chief Newton Agbofodoh Toyota Prado and when the said John Mogidi refused to go in, Chief Newton Agbofodoh eldest Son; Darlington Agbofodoh pulled the trigger of his rifle and shot John Mogidi to death.

‘’When Innocent Akemu saw that his friend was down, he attempted running for his dear life but was shot from behind. Innocent Akemu was later rushed to the central hospital, Warri where he was admitted in the emergency unit but John Mogidi was confirmed dead and his remains deposited at the Warri Central Hospital.

‘’Mr. Innocent Akemu mentioned some of the culprits and pledged to identify the other 2 persons when seen. Police investigation led to the arrest of Chief Newton Agbofodoh who was arraigned, tried and on the 31st day of March 2018 convicted and sentenced to death by hanging. The others including Henry Baro allegedly involved in the murder of John Mogidi and attempted Murder of Innocent Akemu were declared wanted by the Delta State Police Command and have been on the run since then.

‘’Within the same period, Mr. Henry Baro, Christopher Omatseye (Marley), Darlington Agbofodoh, Joseph Uwaye, Diameta and others went to Daewoo Nigeria Limited premises behind NNPC yard, brutally dehumanised Chief Dan Ighedo before Kidnapping him but with the interception of Police from Area Command, Warri, Chief Dan Ighedo would have been taken away to kill. This case was duly reported at the Ekpan Divisional police Headquarters and Delta State Police Command but Henry Baro and his cohorts have been on the run.

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‘’That sometime in January 2016, Henry Baro and his armed gang numbering 28 invaded the Delta Mall at Effurun Roundabout in a clear day light broke into shops and robbed innocent traders of their moneys  and properties worth more than 500 Million  Naira and in the process shot death one Mr. Afor Emero. This invasion by Henry Baro and his cohorts attracted as far as foreign attention and after the attack and looting, Henry Baro and his cohorts went into hiding,  the Delta State Police Command declared him wanted in different widespread newspapers.

‘’These cases have been pending awaiting the arrest of Henry Baro and or any of his Cohorts.

‘’Sometime in August 2018, Henry Baro and his cohorts stormed Osubi Town in a commando fashion and in cold blood murdered one Mr. Blessing Oguori aka Pastor. After this incident we started seeing Henry Baro driving round Uvwie in the escort of a team of mobile Police suspected to be from Abuja.

‘’We have started seeing Mr. Henry Baro, Darlington Agbofodoh, Christopher Omatseye ( Marley ), Monday Oki, Joseph Uwaye and others who have been on the run for different capital offenses moving round the Uvwie Local Government Area with the Mobile Police escort and we are very concerned. The families of those gruesomely murdered by Henry Baro and his cohorts are yet to recover from the loss of their children, we are very pained and deceived that a society where we preach RULE OF LAW can afford to have notorious murderers secured and protected by the police that live on our taxes, they walk and drive around our Communities with impunity and total disregard to the victims of their criminal acts.

‘’The looming threat of arms invasion in Uvwie Local Government Area is imminent, the good people of Ekpan Community who have been living in peace and tranquillity since Henry Baro and his arms group are on the run are now living in trepidation.

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‘’A group of concerned Ekpan elites caught Henry Baro when he was sneaking around Ekpan without his armed gang and or Federal police attached to him and handed him over to the police in other for him to answer for the murder cases, armed invasion and looting of properties at the Delta Mall, Murder of Afor Emeru during the invasion and looting at the Delta Mall, Effurun,  abduction of Chief Daniel Ighedo, Murder of Blessing Oguori aka Pastor and many other alleged crimes levelled against Henry Baro and pending at the Delta State Police Command, Asaba.

‘’That to our uttermost chagrin, despite the presence of some of the victims of Henry Baro’s criminal atrocities and the looming security risk Henry Baro and his cohorts that have been declared wanted by the Delta State Police Command for various crimes posed to the Uvwie Community; Henry Baro was released to walk away in less than 3 hours by the Commissioner of Police, Delta State.

‘’We have heard even before we arrived at Delta State Police Command, Asaba that Henry Baro will not spend a night in prision because of his contact and connection with powers from above.

‘’We are dumbfounded at the manner with which Henry Baro was released to walk away in the midst of the allegations of capital offences against him and the imminent threats of his presence to lives and properties in Uvwie Local Government Area of Delta State. We are aware of the police usual refusal to grant bail to those alleged of capital offenses but in this case nothing could have stopped his detention, further investigation and arraignment if not for Orders from above.

The petition concluded: ‘’We hereby bring to your attention the imminent threats to lives and properties by Henry Baro, Christopher Omatseye (Marley), Darlington Agbofodoh, Diemeta , Joseph Uwaye, Monday Oki and a host of others who are now armed with sophisticated arms to kill and maim innocent and law abiding people of Effurun and Ekpan.

‘’With the release of Henry Baro our lives are at risk, we now live in trepidation as Henry Baro and his Cohorts are after us. Our witnesses are now frightened and unwilling to give evidence   considering the speed with which Henry Baro was released from Police custody.

‘’How can the same State Police Command who declare Henry Baro wanted for several murder cases and other heinous crimes release him to work freely immediately after he was arrested without any interrogation? Does this not amount to selective prosecution and compromise? What would be the reason for releasing Henry Baro to walk away despite the pending complaints against him at the State Police Command?  How will the Delta State Police justify their action if Henry Baro and his armed cohorts go about killing other innocent law abiding citizens of Uvwie after his release?

‘’We sure hope you will promptly intervene in this regards’’.

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