Uche Ogah’s Ingratitude And Campaign Of Calumny Against Sen. Orji Kalu

I was embarrassed recently when I saw a video sponsored by Minister of State for Mines and Steel against Senator Orji Uzor Kalu. The video which had one Osita Agwuna , a resident of Onitsha spilling rubbish against Senator Orji Kalu got me into a deep thought about human characters . The fact remains that some  men who claim to be saints are actually the worst human creatures on earth. I detest pretense,  I detest ingratitude,  I detest deceit , I detest foul play and I hate men who use God’s name to cover their evil.   I am an Anambrarian and an APGA faithful,  so I have no interest in what happens in Abia state. 

The Lion in me usually wakes up when the stake is about Igbo interests in general.  Osita Agwuna and I have a common friend and I was shocked when I learnt of how Uche Ogah paid huge sum to media mercenaries to specifically rubbish Orji Kalu.  There is so much going on underground and Igbo people may need to stone this Uche Ogah of a person to death.   In Nigeria of today , majority of Igbo people are not happy with the status and position of South East in the country . That is why there is a resounding clamor for Biafra by some and Nigeria President of South East extraction from others.

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But hatred,  jealousy , greed and   ingratitude has caused people like Uche Ogah to be the first Igbo to fully betray any of the Igbo interests.  It’s either you support Biafra or support Igbo presidency and that is what all good loving Igbo men with character are doing.  Igbo people should take note that Uche Ogah on his volition and against Bola Tinubu’s request has is the mastermind of campaigns of calumny against  prominent Igbo men for 2023 , all in a bid to curry favor from Tinubu at the detriment of Igbo interests. 

This fraudster called Uche Ogah who still have a pending case with EFCC for forgery,  falsification of signatures and obtaining money under false pretense was the same person that sold the APC governorship to Gov. Okezie Ikpeazu of Abia state.  His party trusted him and gave him the governoship ticket only for him to privately sell the contest to Ikpeazu for a reported sum of N4.5 billion.   Despite receiving all the necessary supports from Orji Kalu who won his own election including House of Representatives and Assembly seats, he still went ahead to betray Kalu.  What an ingrate.  

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In his magnanimity,  Orji Kalu convinced the president to nominate Ogah for a   ministerial position only for him to turn back to fight Kalu. But he is too foolish and short sighted to begin a battle he can’t even go sustain a month .  He certainly doesn’t understand  or know Orji Uzor Kalu ~ a cat with nine lives . Uche Ogah is  a small fry to him and I guess it’s the reason Abians are watching him from a distance.  They are bitter and angry with Ogah for the betrayal and they sure will let  him to hang himself.  Abians already know him as a fraudster and they know he can’t  win even a councillorship election at the moment . He sold off and Abia will never forgive him .

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I also learnt that Osita is liasing with Ogah ‘s personal assistant,  Damian Igbokwe to effectively carry out the hatchet job against Orji Kalu. I heard the boy is loud mouthed and empty.  I really consider both of them unintelligent and foolish to embark on such mission . Their regrets will know no bound .

Anyways I don’t care about their political intricacies in Abia I am only concerned about the Igbo interests which is a big concern to me . If God says Igbo man must be President in 2023 and Orji Kalu decides to contest. Nothing will stand his way because he understands his people and the entire nation.  Fraudsters like Ogah should be ashamed of not learning from history .

Chief Ejike Mbadugha ( Anyanwu na Nnobi

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