The Solution Politics By Livy -Elcon Emereonye

 “There’s no use talking about the problemunless you talk about the solution.” – Roger Lewin

Problem is an integral part of life.It is one of the things that make living an alluring, enduring and enjoyableadventure. The challenges we overcome make us champions; the problem we solvehas the propensity of making us prominent, happy and successful. 

In a simple term, a problem is amatter or situation regarded as unwelcome or harmful and needing to be dealtwith and overcome in time otherwise it can become complex and more difficult tohandle and resolve.

Whatever the nature and magnitude, withinevery problem is the seed of its solution; but in the pursuit of solution(s) toperceived problem(s) different approaches by different people could be adopted– and a problem might be solved successfully in different ways. And as long asthe problem remains, those interested in finding a solution should be allowed todo their work without hindrance, intimidation or threat. No one should arrogateto himself the power of omnipotence or censorship. There should rather be alevel playing ground for every interested party to operate and if possiblecollaborate for cross pollination of ideas necessary for getting a lastingsolution.

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However, there seems to beconspiracies and conspiracy theories to every big problem that needs urgentattention and real solution(s). And the bigger the problem, the more theconspiracy because “money” is often hidden or perceived to be hiddentherein – and where there is big money, there is always big conspiracy!

There is a reward for every work.There is royalty for every creation and discovery. There is profit for everygood business. The unselfish drive to provide solutions for problems gives realsatisfaction not necessarily the material gains therefrom but in addition tothe feelings of fulfilment, one should enjoy the fruits of his labour in termsof royalty and Return on Investment (ROI) for every successful venture. Therefore,if you want money, solve problems. The bigger the problem you solve, the biggerthe money that you would make.

It is however strange seeing peoplefight and even kill in the name of seeking and providing solutions to problems.This manifests in the rascal approach of trying to reap where one did not sowor destroying what one cannot benefit from. It often starts with counternarrative or alternate “truth” meant to manipulate and swing emotions- and the moment emotion is successfully manipulated, reasons could easily besedated and the subtle war begins. This can develop to a complex status and eventuallybecome monstrous!

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Going out to solve problems – bigproblems – comes at a cost because there is no gain without pain yet not everypain results to gains. Like what happens in scientific research, there may beno result or even a negative result at the end of a very tedious, expensiveresearch work. In other words, ‘No Result’ can be a result of which theresearchers and sponsors would bear the cost. This type of scenario might be afactor for conspiracy, leading to the demand for secret agreement.

Generally, some people are good problem solvers who constantly seek everyavailable support to survive rapid changes and provide real solutions. It canbe tough and dangerous, sometimes to see the type of decision people take andindeed the things they do just to find or provide a solution to a problem. Exceptfor conspiracy, there may be no justification for certain extreme actions. Itmakes no sense to kill millions just to make billions. It is a waste creatingbigger problems in trying to solve a small problem. Therefore, people should beheld responsible and accountable for their problem-solving abilities,approaches and results.

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Things may not work out as expected, and more problems may even arise out ofgood intentions in trying to solve a common or complex problem. Whatever thecase, there is no need to play dirty politics in providing a solution. In thewords of Duke Ellington, “A problem is a chance for you to do your best.” But whereyour affordable best is not the tenable and desirable best, re-strategize andmove on.  

What are your thoughts?

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