Stealing of Buhari’s Project in Anambra by likes of Sen. Oduah, Ekwunife, Ifeanyi Ubah and others


By Paschal Candle.

When Shall Anambra APC take over the ownership of all Federal Government Projects in Anambra State? With election in 2021 fast approaching, PDP Senators and YPP Senators have been all over the Social Media gallivanting and laying false claim of roads & Bridges being constructed by the Federal Government led by President Muhammadu Buhari and APC Government. This is the same President these PDP Senators castigated during Elections of 2015 and 2019 as a President that hates Ndi Anambra and Ndi Igbo in general. Today, it is on record that President Muhammadu Buhari and APC Government at the Centre has done more for Ndi Anambra and South East than any Federal Government since 1999. It is on record also that PDP Led Federal Government as at then has nothing to tell Ndi Anambra.

Within five years of this administration, The APC Government at the Centre and President Muhammadu have turned Anambra State into a construction sites in the last 5 years. From Ulasi Brige in Ezinifite to Ebenebe Town, To Obosi, to Enugwu-ukwu, Onitsha , to Ogbaru to 3-3 Road, Haruna Street, Otumonye in Odoakpu, it has been a huge smiles on the faces of the road users of these routes.

But one disheartening aspect of these good news about the roads that cut across the three senatorial zones, The underforming Senators from Anambra State are beginning to fraudulently lay claims as the ones working on those roads. Anywhere they see presence of FERMA or any Agency of Federal Government doing any Road construction, these PDP Senators will rush to the site with their supporters and Media Urchins taking videos and Pictures to prove that those roads were being constructed by these PDP senators.

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Recently, there was a Media war between supporters of APC and Engr Chris Azubuogu’s Team over Ulasi Bridge. Engr Chris Azubuogu and Hon Jerry Alagboso from Orlu in Imo State were laying claims as the people who did the collapsed Ulasi Bridge. The most disheartening aspect of this was that they didnt even Mention President Muhammadu Buhari in all this. They hurriedly rushed to the site with Criminal Imo State FERMA Representatives, Engr Chukwuemeka Maduagwu to commission the Bridge because the Bridge passed through Nnewi South and Orsu in Imo where Engr Chris Azubuogu and Hon Jerry Alagboso were representing. Is this not a criminal Act and a sabotage on the part of FERMA Director from Imo State? The man needs to be arrested and sacked. We have it in good authority that he was bribed to carry out that commission just to prove that it was these PDP Members that did the road.

It is on record and on documented evidence that the story of Ulasi Bridge cannot be completed without mentioning President Muhammadu Buhari, Babatunde Fashola and Hon Paul Ezeobi, who was APC House of Assembly Candidate for Nnewi South 2 Constituency in 2019 General Election for his role in getting the attention of Babatunde Fashola, Federal Ministry of Works and FERMA to make sure that the brige is completed in record time.

Engr Chris Azubuogu and Hon Jerry Alagboso who never visited the collapsed Bridge nor wtote to The Federal Ministry of Works is taking glory of a project he knew nothing about. They claim was that Chris Azubuogu is deputy Chairman House Committee on appropriations while Jerry Alagboso is the Chairman House Committee on FERMA. Please what is the work and functions of a Senator and Legislators? 

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Also,during the August Federal Executive Council Meeting, Federal Government made a categorical statement concerning the State of Federal Roads in Nigeria and said they will embark on repairs of those Federal Roads so that Nigerians who are traveling for Christmas whill have roads to use. Recently, The Federal Government embarked on the rehabilitation as they promised. The next thing we witnessed is this PDP and YPP Senators putting on their sign post as the ones doing those roads and taking on glory. In all these, APC and President Muhammadu Buhari is not being mentioned. 

Ministry of Agriculture is doing a lot of rural roads in Anambra State for our people to have access roads to bring out their Farm produce to the market. Communities like Ebenebe in Awka North, Enugwu-ukwu in Njikoka, Obosi in Idemili South and many others are benefitting from this. In all these roads construction and rehabilitations, you see Senator Odua and Ekwunife supporters parading themselves along those Roads being done by Federal Government. Is this not a criminal act? 

My question to APC and its Leaders in Ananbra State, when shall you guys take over the ownership of projects being done and executed by the Federal Government in the State. The new Caretaker Committee Chairman of the Party, Chief Sir Basil Ejidike should as a matter of fact and urgency embark on project inspections of all the Federal Government projects in Anambra State. The Caretaker committee of the Party should also go with Media Houses and All the 21 Caretaker Committee Chairmen of the Party. In Governance and Politics,if you dont announce your presence, nobody will announce it for you.

The Party needs to educate and inform Ndi Anambra and let Ndi Anambra know that these projects belong to Federal Government of Nigeria led by President Muhammadu Buhari and APC Government. They should use this medium to inform Ndi Anambra other things Federal Government are doing in the State like 2nd Niger Bridge, Onitsha Dry Seaport, Onitsha-Amansea-Enugu Road, Zik museum, School feeding programmes, survival funds for Artisans, CBN anchors Borrowers for Rice,Maize and wheat Farmers and so many others.

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Senator Odua, Senator Ekwunife, Senator Ifeanyi Ubah, Engr Chris Azubuogu and many others. Enough is Enough. Ndi Anambra APC, it is time to wake from your sleep and do the right thing. With what will Ndi Anambra APC campaign with for 2021 Election, if we allow these PDP Senators to lay claim and fraudulently collect all the glories leaving President Muhammadu Buhari and APC out of it.Then we are not serious for 2021. Watch these PDP Social media guys, once there is any killings in Nigeria, they will mention APC and Buhari, but when we have construction of roads a d bridges and grants being given to Nigerians by Federal Government, they will mention these Senators and Representative members as the people who facilitated them. Even killings that are executed their political thugs,they will mention APC and Buhari.

Ndi Anambra, please at no point is Senator Ekwunife, Senator Ifeanyi Ubah, Odua or Chris Azubuogu constructing nor rehabilitating any road in the State. These are not their constituency projects and can never be. These are Federal Government projects. All these Senators are looking for cheap popularity and fake glory.

I must sincerely appreciate Mr President and APC Government at the Centre for what they are doing in Anambra State and South East. This has really shown that Mr President loves Anambra State and Ndi Igbo. 

Paschal Candle is my name.

What are your thoughts?

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