South-East support Peter Obi-Obaze begs in Awka


Why We are Here

Remarks By Oseloka H. Obaze  Anambra PDP Campaign Council Chairman,

During the Welcome Rally For HE Mr Peter Obi, CON, the PDP  Vice Presidential Candidate At Emmaus House, Awka, on Sunday 6 January, 2019.


We are gathered here to honour and welcome a favourite and accomplished son of Igboland, HE  Mr Peter Obi, who, is the PDP Vice Presidential candidate in the election that will hold 43 days from today.

Why are we here?   This is a simple question.   We live in a democracy, but also “in times of fracture and fear”. As such, circumstances, national interest and our collective survival compels our being here today. 

Our party PDP is on a match to rescue Nigeria.  We are in search of leaders, who will lead Nigeria in these turbulent times.  We are here because the ruling APC government has failed us all in every regard, bar none. 

We need a purposeful and tested leadership that will shepherd Nigeria away from the present climate of “confusion and disappointment.”  A leadership that is capable of confronting the contours and dilemmas of our times.

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Our country is challenged:  our nation is polarized and insecurity has worsened. There is acute hunger in the land.  We have a government that works negatively.  Unemployment is growing; we are the poverty capital of the world. Trust and patriotism has declined.

Our out of school children has grown from 10 million to 13 million in just three years.  Our nation has over borrowed that we are hugely indebted.  And this is supposed  to be progress.  Surely, this is reverse Change.

We are here, because if we fail to vote out the ruling APC government, our nation will be doomed.

We are here, because as Atiku Abubakar told us recently, Nigeria in its almost 60 years of independence, has never be offered such a combination of quality and experienced leadership as we have in the Atiku/Obi ticket. 

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So we are here because we face challenges, but also because we already see the light at the end of the tunnel.  We must return Nigeria to the course of true justice, rule of law, and equity.

But there is more to why we are here today.   Peter Obi is our son, in whom we are well pleased. 

Yet, there are those who have elected to think and act negatively against our son; against the choice made by Atiku Abubakar, in choosing him  as his running mate.  

We are confident that he will serve us well, as Vice President.  His record of public service is enviable.  He stands head and shoulders above his peers, who covet that office. This is the blunt truth.

To these nattering nabobs of negativity, we owe no apology.  They are free to differ, but do not have the right to negatively alter the course of Igbo history and a manifest destiny whose  time has come.

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In welcoming Peter Obi home to Anambra and honouring him, we are sending a message to those on the fringe;  retrace your errant steps and join a wining team. Join history in the making; join in the rebirth of Nigeria.

We must make one point clear.  Those who repudiate Peter Obi, also repudiate the collective Igbo interest – simple and short.   If their time comes,  if ever, they cannot expect the support which they were unwilling to give to their son, their brother and their  fellow Igbo man. I urge them to calculate the long term risk of not getting involved now.

Great opportunity beckons; to redress grave injustice,  implicit marginalization, missed opportunities and to get Nigeria working again.  Atiku and Obi represent the urgent change we need.   We must embrace that ticket and return PDP to power to rescue Nigeria in distress.  That is why we are here. 

PDP – Power to the People!  Power to the People, PDP!!

What are your thoughts?

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