Revealed! The 3 indices of Dominion every christian must know

By Dike favour charity

It has been revealed on Sunday at the Dominion City Church, Ifite branch, Awka, Anambra State, the three indices of life every christian must keep to live a fulfilled life.

These indices were disclosed by Pastor Chris Ezendu to church members who graced a captivating and spirit-filled atmosphere church service. The Members experienced a supernatural shift as the pastor extensively hammered on the importance of the topic.

Drawing his sermon from Genesis 1 verse 26 and Luke 18 verse 1, He said the three indices of dominion are found in prayers, productivity and wealth. According to him, the prayer is an invitation for a divine intervention.

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While he emphasized that most yielding prayers are said early in the morning, he gave brief story of a sick young boy who went to the bed of his consistent praying sister and obtained healing. ” Life answers to someone that has more sacrifice at the alter” He said.

While quoting Mark 1 verse 35, he enumerated the three platforms where prayer can be answered including; Personal covenant with God, Principle and Man said personal covenant with God evokes answers to prayers, Obedience to Principles on the other hand works like magic while concerning Man, he said ” Every man that was made was made to make a man” that is, you need man to dominate certain levels.

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Highlighting importance of productivity as an indices of dominion, the pastor enjoined everyone to work on being a person of virtue in skills and character. “If you must appear before great men, you must be skilled, have value and know what you are doing” also “if you are not ready to be known, don’t try seek to be known” he advised.

He opined that wealth is not all about affluence but about having control of time while making money. According to him, having control of one’s time is very important.

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