Five Facts About 5 Nights of Glory of Salvation Ministries as it ends today



Salvation Ministries(Home of Success) is a dynamic church founded in 1997 by spirit-led general, pastor David Ibeyimomie, the man with the mandate to establish the kingdom of God here on earth.  This ministry is a product of an intercourse between divinity and humanity_ of course, every true christian church is a product of an encounter between a man and God. Prior to the five facts about 5 nights of glory 2019, you need know how 5NOG started.


Out of subsequent and consistent encounter with God five nights of Glory
was birthed. Before now you should know that the  #5 nights of glory 2019 edition of 5NOG is from 21st–25th January 2019, 4:30pm (GMT+1) daily. At all her satellite churches across the state capitals of Nigeria and other countries. it can also be viewed online live at

Day 5 is today

Today is the last day of the 5 Nights of Glory, which God’s servant Pastor David Ibiyeomie has declared a “Night of Favour”.

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Incredible miracles, signs and wonders have been recorded so far, such as; all manner of diseases getting healed instantly, all manner of breakthroughs, favours and blessings of God Almighty.


The Five facts  about 5 nights of glory are:

1. The first ever Five Nights of Glory was held in year 2010 and the venue was the international headquarters of Salvation Ministries Igwuruta along Port Harcourt International Airport Road. And ever since then, it has become an annual spiritual exercise

2. Initially, as of 2010, it was named nights of gory until 2011, which it was then changed to 5 Nights of Glory. So you are right if you say “Nights of Glory” metamorphosed into “5 Nights of Glory”. The difference is just the added number “5”.

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Special Ministration schedule

3. 5NOG is among the most anticipated Christian event in Nigeria . thousand of people converge at the international Headquarters Nigeria, to have an encounter with divinity. Also million of people gather in different viewing centers globally to participate  as distance is not a barrier to encounter. Some even have to come with their various chairs because overflow is certain; even nearby spaces in the venue is filled. Indeed 5NOG command multitude of people.

4. Five nights of Glory features massive soul winning, teaching of the word of truth to perfect understanding, signs and wonders. The miracles seen in 5NOG is unimaginable; miracles such as growing of short hand and leg, sight to the blind, the lame walking and the miracles recorded in the Bible is not uncommon.

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Day 3 crowd at one of the viewing centers worldwide

5. The last might shock you; 5NOG is the    Shiloh of Salvation Minsitries. So, you can say Shiloh is to Winners’ Chapel as 5NOG is to Salvation Ministries.  Shiloh and 5NOG have similar things in common, this include: the word, prophetic declarations, demonstration of the power of God among others.


If you have another fact apart from these five facts about 5 nights of glory, please share it in the comment box.

What is your view about five nights of Glory(5NOG)?

Have you ever attended?

Have you gotten any miracle from 5NOG?

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Would you attend 5 nights of glory 2019 today, being the last day?  tell us  how anticipating you are

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