Rapture not the second coming of Christ – Bishop Nwachukwu

Lawrence Ndubeze

Against the belief of many Christians that rapture will mark the second coming of Jesus Christ, the General overseer of Grace of God International, Bishop Dr Paul C. Nwachukwu has quelled the belief, saying that rapture is different from Jesus Christ’s second coming.

The Prelate noted that the difference between the rapture and the lord’s second coming remains that while He will be visible to all in the former and invisible to a selected few in the latter.

“Rapture is not the second coming of Christ. The difference is during Christ’s second coming every eye will see him but in rapture, Christ will come to take his people in the night like a thief.”

Bishop Nwachukwu who is the founding father and the Presiding Bishop of the First indigenous Pentecostal Church in Eastern Nigeria made the remarks during a prayer rally and 2020 convention in Awka penultimate week. He added that the messiah will come when children of God least expected it citing the book of Thessalonians 4 vs 16.

He said ” in rapture, there is no sign, no signal. The day Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed, they never know that such will befall them. They had no sign, they were in their businesses doing what they liked. In the time of Noah, God allowed him to preach for 120 years and people never believed him until the wrath of God befall them. I see the same thing happening in the present day. “

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Bishop Dr Nwachukwu who is a UN Peace Ambassador and member of the National Advisory Council of Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria (PFN) urged Christians to wake up from slumber so that they will be accountable to escape all that will come upon the world.

He said that many Bible prophecies have become led by rules which have deceived Christians into sleeping because they did not understand the happening of today in the spiritual realm.

The Bishop while comparing signs of end-time with what is happening in today’s world believed that the planned introduction of 5G network, as well as vaccine and a mark on the right hand, are pure evidence that the world is coming to an end and urged Christians to pray fervently to win the battle ahead.

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” Months ago when Bill Gates set out his trade. One is the G5 network, the second one is a vaccine and the third is the mark at your right hand. The bible said nobody will buy or sell without the mark.”

He said the revelations of Christ have transcended from Daniel to John over 2,000 years ago adding that God prepared the revelations in a way people will not easily understand until time of the end.

Bishop Nwachukwu decried atrocities taking place in the world even as he attributed them to the signs of the end of time. He lamented the level of sodomy and moral decay in the society even as he is worried at a situation where many governments have legalized abortion, homosexuality, and lesbianism.

He reminded Christians that the world could come to an end after the completion of seven world powers including Egyptian, Assyrian, Babylonian, and Persia respectively. Other world empires he noted included Greece and the Roman Empire, all of whom he said has ruled but the seventh one he remarked is reserved for anti-Christ.

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“The seventh empire will be the last. Bible revealed that it would be a Confederation of nations; strong and weak nations. European Economic Community, EEC, has been formed and they are the ones in charge now with their headquarters in Belgium.

” After the seventh Empire comes one with a fierce face which is the Antichrist. Subsequently, the world will go down to one religion. The anti – Christ looks like a common man but very intelligent that people will worship him because of his money”

He noted that there would be a heavy presence of fake pastors, he said”there would be single world economy and the government of anti-Christ would be the last empire urging Christians to get ready to avoid had I known.

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