Anglican Bishop, Obi hails Rev Fr Mbaka style of ministration

anglican bishop

Bishop Ndubuisi Obi

The Anglican Bishop of Nnewi Diocese, Right Reverend Ndubisi Chukwuka Obi has said that the Spiritual Director of Adoration Ministry Enugu Nigeria, Reverend Fr Ejike Camillus Anthony Ebenezer Mbaka’s style of ministration cannot be wished away by anyone judging by the influence he wields in the society.

Bishop Obi said for a young man like Fr Mbaka to command the kind of cult followership, he is enjoying together is not a mean feat and anyone who says it is easy should start his or her own ministry.

anglican bishop
Bishop Ndubuisi Obi

Obi in an interview had said: ‘’As far as I am concerned, the young man is doing what he thinks are in line with his calling. Everybody has his own calling. As far as I am concerned, he is fulfilling what he thinks is God’s calling for him is. For a young man like Fr Mbaka to command the kind of influence he is commanding, to an extent that governors and influential people are trooping to him is a very positive thing. I think from a distance, I admire that young man called Fr Mbaka. To enjoy the kind of followership in that adoration ground is not easy. Anybody that says it is easy should start his own ministry. Mbaka is fulfilling his ministry, and I wish him well’’.

Speaking on the killings, kidnappings and violent attacks in Nigeria targeted on Christians, Bishop Obi lamented on the growing organized crime against Christians in Nigeria.

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Bishop Obi said: ‘’In Nigeria, we are experiencing both general and organised insecurity. In general insecurity, anybody could be a victim. We’ve seen Muslims and people of other religious backgrounds attacked and killed as a result of insecurity in Nigeria. We also experienced organised and orchestrated insecurity in Nigeria. This particular one is targeted at Christians. What we experience in Nigeria today is what I will call government backed, organised and orchestrated insecurity aimed at annihilating Christians in Nigeria.

‘’One major problem is that in the face of all these insecurity in the country, the body language of Mr. President does not show any readiness and willingness to stop the threat. With that, one may be tempted to believe that the presidency is part of the problem. When you consider what the president is doing with the service chiefs, how he has been giving deaf ears to the general outcry for him to sack the service chiefs, you will only understand that there is an orchestrated plan to deal with innocent Nigerians. It is only in Nigeria that what is happening now in the country will be allowed to continue.

‘’Go to Niger, Cameroun, Chad and some of these African countries; once there is any attack on the military base of their country, they will quickly change their Chief of Army Staff. But look at Nigeria; recently, the House of Reps summoned the security chiefs, but they only sent their accountants, instead of personally honouring the invitation. After that, the Speaker of the House of Reps and the Senate President met with Mr. President over the issue of insecurity. At the end, what came out of the meeting? Look at the way Christians are being attacked, kidnapped and killed here and there?
‘’With most of the things happening in the country today, one will only but believe that there is well organised and systematic plan to wipe out a particular religious group. When people who foresee what would happen tomorrow fought to stop the re-emergence of this government in 2019, many people did not understand. The other day, Pastor Adeboye and some of them were carrying placards in protest over insecurity in the country. What kind of useless protest is that? Were they not the people that were instrumental to the emergence of the present government in the first place?’’

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On President Muhammadu Buhari’s stand on insecurity, Bishop Obi said: ‘’Mr. President is not even responding to insecurity in the country. He is not proactive. His general disposition towards the security situation in Nigeria is very disturbing. Imagine a president that does not face the press; imagine a president that does not have time to address his country.  Look at Donald Trump, every Wednesday, he would appear on the television to address his people, and you will see him responding to salient issues affecting his country; but here we are in Nigeria.

‘’To me, a president should be informed, intelligent and decisive. He should be one that has global politics at the tip of his fingers. Look at how Trump handles issues of American economy and international relations! That is what a president should do; not the one you will ask A, and he will start answering B; you ask him C, he will start answering D. Everybody is even afraid of what he would say the next moment. That is not my own idea of what a president should be. To me, Buhari is carefree and nonchalant towards insecurity in the country. Recently, he said he was not even aware that Nigeria is facing high level insecurity.  Maybe, he will wake up one day to say that he is not aware that Osinbajo is the vice president.

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