Why Anambra Youths are waiting for SOLUDO (PART TWO)- Joe C Anatune


Charles Soludo

In part one of our conversations with Nelson Omenugha, he revealed how his admiration for Chukwuma Soludo catapulted him to graduate top of his class among other cheering feats. He said something deeper and even ennobling.

We paraphrase him thus – that in Soludo, everyone can see an aspect of him or her. And that Soludo’s life trajectory reflects the hopes, fears and aspirations of the rich and the poor, the young and the old, the village boy and the global citizen, the humble and confident.

In effect, Nelson eloquently argued that in whatever station you are in life, Soludo knows and feels your pains and that Anambra state government under his watch will respond appropriately to support you march forward.We have received deluge of requests from youths and elders alike to release part two of what we now brand the ”Nelson’s Revelations” as we promised. So, on popular demand and in fulfillment of our promise, here is Nelson again and his second revelations.

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Charles Soludo

Nelson – ‘Naturally, a 21st century youth is majorly faced with the responsibility of developing self, taking care of the aging parents and raising his or her own family/children. Therefore, Youthhood is a difficult position. However, with a prosperous society that guarantees basic developmental programs and opportunities for skills development, the youth can live up to these demands. For Anambra youth, the story and expectations are almost the same with that of the youth elsewhere. We desire a prosperous Anambra where our skills can be better harnessed, appreciated and applied in building a State we would be proud to see our generation and generation after live in.

A typical Anambra youth is resourceful, willing to learn and unlearn. Therefore, Anambra youths desire a safe haven and structures where their full potentials can blossom and flourish. Because our greatest asset as young people lies in our strength and energy, we need government who can pay greater attention to Youth Education for Employment (YE4E), Youth for Craft, Technology & Business (Y4CTB) and Capital Projects. These are local issues that will make Anambra youths globally relevant in the increasingly competitive 21st century.

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These are also ambitious issues that only a tested, proven, versed, audacious and cosmopolitan reformer like Soludo can guarantee. We are witness and the world literally took notice of the financial and monetary revolution that occurred under Prof Soludo as the CBN Governor. Even as the global economic and financial crisis raged in 2008, the United Nations General Assembly appointed Soludo to serve on the Commission of Experts to reform the international monetary and financial system.

This is in addition to several other national and international advisory positions he has held since leaving office and till date. It eloquently speaks of Soludo’s quality and demonstrates a man who is in touch and understands “glocal” trends, issues and realities. This priceless experience and asset stand Soludo out, taller and shoulder above any potential competitor. His capacity to get work done with precision promises a huge win for Anambra Youths.

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We are persuaded that Soludo candidacy will get work better done in optimally building the youths to favorably compete with global contemporaries. Soludo is in the arena, he wears the shoes and know where it pinches’.

Anatune reports from Awa, Orumba North Local Government Area, Anambra State.

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