Personal Development: A Tool For A Successful Career

By Nwakelundu Perpetual Amarachi

Vice President, School of Information and Technology, Federal Polytechnic Oko, Miss Covenant Oluchi Ikedinobi has said that personal Development is a critical key to career success.

Miss Ikedinobi dropped this hint during an online lecture with year one students of Department of Mass Communication, Nnamdi Azikiwe University Awka.

She said personal development can be defined as a continuous process of educating, evaluating and asserting oneself in ways that will impact positively in one’s life.

According to her :’It can also be seen as a way an individual should positioned him/herself to be great and better than one’s contemporaries.

Miss Ikedinobi who writes for noted that personal development reaches out to the attitude and behavior of an individual so as to be outstanding in all endeavors.

In her lecture, she further expounded on traits a prospective media Practitioner Should Develop.

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“Communication: Which can be sub divided into Writing and Oral are vital keys in becoming a great media practitioner.

“A good media personnel should be able to communicate effectively to his or her audience in both writing and oral form.

‘As an upcoming media practitioner, the aim should always be to write flawlessly, this tall ambition of writing effectively can be achieved through continuous and consistent practice.

“In the oral or spoken aspect of communication, it is imperative to mind the way vocabularies are used, the way a person speaks and how well the message is expresses is also very important in communication.

“A good speaker should know when to talk and how to talk effectively to achieve the desired objective.

‘A learner in communication should be inquisitive, he or she ought to be curious always on how to become better, this can be achieved through researches. He or she can ask questions when confused and in doubt.

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“In all, a good learner should hunger to know more as it enlarges coast of knowledge. The learner should be be prepared to network with people since nobody has the monopoly of wisdom. He or she should endeavor to meet and interact with people of different background. Being an introvert should not stop a communicator from interacting with others as this will exposed learner to news reading and writing.

“A prospective media practitioner should be careful of the association he or she belongs to because the kind of association one keeps determine how far one will go in life. A good learn should move with people who will boost the inherent potential in him or her.

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“The place of practice can not be over emphasized, an upcoming communicator should endeavor to avail him or herself the opportunity of field work.

“The Industrial Training (IT) should be embraced with all seriousness it deserves as it helps to widen the experience of a prospective communicator.

“A good learner should not forget to practice consistently in the field to attract great personalities who might be of help to him or her later in life.

“Finally, manners as they say, says it all. A learner’s manner which involves the attitude demands great discipline, an upcoming communicator should never allow beautiful opportunities to elude him or her”.


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