Oba people return en Masse, pour tributes as Nnakaenyi Oba is laid to rest


By Uzo Ugwunze

It was home coming, Oba mass return, outpouring of encomiums and a funeral ceremony of mixed feelings as the entire sons and daughters of Oba community living at home and in diaspora stood still to pay their last respect to a young man – Late Mr. Anthony Chukwumeucheya Ujokamma who touched many lives and inspired many developmental projects at Oba community, Idemili South Local Government Area, Anambra State during his short stay of 48 years on earth.

Tears of sorrow flowed because of the way the claws of untimely death snatched away Anthony Ujokamma popularly called ‘Nnakaenyi Oba’ at his prime but at the same time feelings of happiness to identify with a hero who served as a connecting bridge via his social media platform where every Oba indigene could traverse irrespective of one’s opinion.

The Regent of Oba, Prince Noel Ezenwa(Ezeamaalu Oba) has advised youths to always think on how to become community, nation builders by utilitzing their talents and time to better their society irrespective of their background.

Prince Ezenwa made the call during the burial ceremony of Late Anthony Ujokamma whom he described as a go getter for assisting the downtrodden and Oba community saying that the Oba Patriotic Union had plans to immortalize him.

“Nnakenyi has this charitable attitude to life. He so much touched lives. Everything happening in Oba, he was the messenger. He was part of those who championed Central palace fund raising. He championed distribution of improved palm, cocoa, plantain seedlings. The fact that we knew about a disabled man who lost his house to fire disaster was through Nnakenyi.

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“Just three days before his unfortunate demise, he sent me a prototype picture of the assignment I gave to him on erection of signage at different points between Idemili and Ogwugwu Oba Owerri- road expressway which reads ‘Onye bia Oba, Oba abaalu ya’ with distress signal to enable motorists whose vehicles breakdown get assistance thereby curbing extortion from hoodlums.

“The level of attendance during his burial was because of his contributions to his society which has shown that a person would be remembered by his works,” said Prince Ezenwa.

According to Nze Ifeanyi Onwupenata(Obiaomee Ogbataonua Oba), Late Nnakenyi the ‘ Administrator of Who the Golden crown fits WhatsApp group’ the most popular WhatsApp platform in Oba was not a titled man , chief, Nze, oldman or wealthy man but he is being buried as a king today.

“Everybody is unhappy about his death. Nnakenyi was a good and straight forward person. Through that platform virtually most Oba people both at home and in diaspora receives information of any incident or event that takes place in Oba. He may not be the initiator of the platform but it flourished in his hands because he served Oba community through that platform. He was worthy of emulation,” said Nze Onwupenata.

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Moreover, Chief Akonam Emekekwue (Akuatuegwu Oba) prayed God to bless and train the tender family Nnakenyi left behind.”Nnakenyi a good and truthful man stood for and helped Oba community in his own little way through his platform. May his soul rest in peace but may he avenge his death if it was orchestrated”.

An Inlaw, Mr Onyedika Ileagbala(Igudo Oba) urged youths to discover their talents and destiny on time and use them to profit themselves and their community. “Destiny defers, to succeed in life and benefit others, try and become what God wants you to be. Do not do something out of envy. May God prosper Nnakenyi’s children”.

The Mgbo Youths Chairman, Onochie Ejibendu said ” Nnakenyi’s death is so painful. He is not supposed to die. He was a good man who voluntarily sacrificed himself serving Oba community when he was alive.

A Peoples Democratic Party Chieftain, Hon Dr. Ekene Aghasiefo(Nkpukanaenu) stated: “the whole of Oba is here today to bury Nnakenyi not only Umuagu village. Let people emulate his peaceful nature and honesty. He keeps Oba community abreast of happenings in real time. He was amazing, an incident may take place around 1am midnight and Nnakenyi was already there reporting it live and seeking for solution”.

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Also, Hon Okechukwu Aniam, the secretary burial planning committee which was headed by Chief Chibuike Uzowulu(Akuoma Oba) describing Late Ujokamma’s influence and impact in Oba community said that Nnakenyi as a youthful warrior washed his hands to dine with kings.

“Nnakenyi left his footprints in the sands of time. This burial is just like Oba mass return simply because through his information facilitation some roads were constructed in Oba, scholarships were given, hospital bills were paid, house were built for the less privileged. He does not seek for his own. Youths should think of what to do for their community and not what their community will do for them,” said Aniam.

However, the first daughter and first son of the deceased, Miss Chikamsi Miracle and Master Chiemelie Ujochukwu after thanking profusely all Oba people who came to commiserate with them said they were proud of the life their father Late Anthony Chukwumeucheya Ujokamma, the OPU Information minister under the then leadership of Rev Chris Emelie, Akachukwu Global lived saying that they will continue in his legacies.

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